Hug your kids today

me and the girls

Feeling a bit emotional today. Yesterday I learned that one of the Mum’s at our school had a heart attack and died but I only put a face to the name today. She’s not a Mum I know well but I keep getting all choked up when I think about her beautiful girl (who I believe had her 5th or 6th birthday on the day her Mum died). She also had a boy about 8 or 9. Apparently she was on Canteen last Friday and one of Uniform Shop helpers was telling me she had felt unwell – pains in the chest – and had been to the medical center twice and told it was stress.

I know I did think a bit about what life would be like for my kids if I died during my surgery and I now I keep thinking about these kids and her husband. How unfair can life be? I don’t know how fit or healthy the woman was but she certainly wasn’t overweight, to my knowledge had none of the risk factors for a heart-attack and was just 32 !!!! . Sure makes you think. I’m so glad Kevin & I are doing what we can to lead long, happy, healthy lives.

So todays message is to go hug your kids and if you scrapbook, maybe do a special page just for them. I plan too. That was one of my thoughts yesterday – I hoped she scrapbooked…..

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