Turbulence Training


Well, it’s been a while since I revamped my workout but I decided it was about time. I purchased Turbulence Training way back in January (for a body weight program I could do on holidays) and dug it yesterday to do my first workout. Later I realized I did the beginner workout when I should have done the intermediate workout. HOWEVER, I’m feeling a little sore today (but a nice kind of sore, not REALLY sore like I sometimes get) so it must have been a reasonable workout. I might stick with it for 2 weeks, then move on. I’ve got heaps of the programs workouts to move through, then I can look at buying more if I need to. I may miss using the weight machines though (he does use some but has a lot of body weight/free weight exercises).


I’m also thinking about buying this book Strength for Life by Shawn Phillips. Being that STRENGTH is my word for 2008 I thought it might be a good book to help motivated me. Actually I’m going to make this my reward for losing 30kg since I never did anything to celebrate that milestone.