Outback Adventure – Day 7 – Flagstaff Hill

Another great day. After an easy morning – which was good as I was able to spend a bit of time reorganising our clothes and food ready for 6 single night stays coming up – we headed to Flagstaff Hill around 10am.

flagstaff hill

Once we had bought our tickets we watched a short movie with diary extracts from one passangers trip across the seas from London to Australia. Then it was time for the girls to go to school – a 1870s school to be exact. They had to dress and act correctly and had a lesson in the classroom. They loved it and it was fun watching all the kids do exactly as they were told. At the end of the class they even had their hands and boots inspected – too funny.

The girls ready for school Christy ready for school

From here we explored the shipping village. The girls had activity book and had to find clues and collect stamps from various buildings. We stopped around 12.30pm for lunch in tea rooms. I had a very delicious homemade veggie soup. Nice and warming on this cold day. We finished our explorations and left around 2.30pm.

At flagstaff hill Christy at flagstaff hill

We stopped on the way back to the cabin to get some grocery items and fill up with petrol. We enjoyed an afternoon snack of cheese, crackers and apples with Mum & Dad. Kevin hooked up a special ariel so I’ve got a decent internet connections so I uploaded some photos (if you look back at the last few days you’ll see I’ve included some more photos.

Later tonight we head back to Flagstaff Hill to see the Shipwrecked show, then tomorrow it’s on to Kingston (I think).

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  1. Lovely pics! We’re on vacation too, but hotel internet has not been very reliable, so my posts have been a little spotty.

    Have a great time !

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