Outback Adventure – Day 8- On the road to Kingston SE

After a bad nights sleep I got up around 6.30am. By 9am we were packed and on our way to Kingston SE. It was a nice drive through lots of farmland and forests and past the awesome wind farm.

Wind farm

We stopped at the Blue Lake in Mt. Gambian. Very pretty, though apparently it turns a vivid blue in November thru March.

Libby at the Blue Lake

I spend todays car ride knitting yet another scraf and reading. We stopped another hour or so up the road for lunch in the van, then continued on to Kingston, arriving around 2.30pm. Kevin had arrived about an hour earlier and been the visit the few sights in the town.

A very basic cabin and van park but we do have an ocean view.

Cabin at Kingston

We joined Mum & Dad for afternoon tea while the girls were off playing and making up a play. Later we went for a walk at the beach, collecting shells and cuttlefish bones. It was very nice and the girls enjoyed it.

On the beach at Kingston

When we got back to the cabin, Nan and Poppy were just arriving back from a drive into town, and went to watch the play the girls had made up earlier.

Girls doing a play

By 5pm we were settled in our van and all feeling a bit tired. The girls played their DSs while I typed this up and checked my e-mail. We got to see a beautiful sunset – which seemed a bit odd as we’re used to getting sunrises.

Sunset at Kingston SE

Shortly we’ll be having dinner and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Tomorrow : Driving to Mount Barker and hopefully visiting the Haigh’s chocolate factory.

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