Outback Adventure – Day 22 – A town like Alice

Another easy morning – we seem to be getting slower as the days go by and I’m even sleeping in to around 7am most mornings now.

At 10am we met up with Mum & Dad and headed to the Old Telegraph Station. This was pretty interesting and informative. Lovely old buidlings.


Next up was the Royal Flying Doctor Service. We heard a talk about how it all works, saw a film and a look around the museum. We had a very yummy lunch sitting outside. Kevin & I shared a delicious Feta and Pumpkin pie.

IMG_2267 IMG_2272

Then Kevin had to race off for a doctors appointment (he chipped a tooth 2 days ago). When he got back (he was only gone 20mins) the girls and he had a go of the flight simulator.


Then it was onto a cultural center. Not quite what I was expecting but we enjoyed the beanie exhibition in the art gallery and the natural history exhibit.


We arrived back at the cabin about 4pm. The girls managed to get for a ride on the buggies for half an hour – which they were thrilled about.

Kevin & I settled in to write up our blogs. Dinner tonight will be TVP tacos and we might watch a DVD Kevin bought (if I can work out where I put it).

Tomorrow : Kevin departs and we go shopping

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