Menu Plan Monday

MPM christmas

Need to get some fresh produce used up so thought I’d better do a menu plan this week.

MONDAY: Takeway Chinese (Amy’s friend over and I know she eats this)

TUESDAY: Zucchini Slice (using first zucchinis from the garden)

WEDNESDAY: BBQ (friends over for NYE) – Organic Meat, potato salad, chinese noodle salad, some other dish

THURSDAY: Leftovers (friends over for lunch)

FRIDAY : Out for dinner before basketball

SATURDAY: From freezer (going out for lunch)

SUNDAY: Veggie bake????

All I can say is so much for using up fresh produce. Might have to make some hot lunches this week, but being school holidays that’s not likely to happen.

For more great menu ideas visit the organising junkie.

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Looks like a holiday menu to me!

    Maybe you can whip up a curry or pasta sauce and freeze it, to keep those veg from spoiling, and have a meal in the freezer?

    As usual, looks YUM, thanks for sharing.

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