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After just discovering I wasn’t yet “friends’ with Tina on Facebook I thought maybe there were some other friends and readers that I hadn’t hooked up with yet. So you can find me here on Face book and here on Twitter.

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  1. By Jackie Barry, December 29, 2008 @ 9:42 pm

    Hi Libby

    I had to say hi – after all this time. I’ve been regularly reading your blog posts since August 2007 – yes a long time hey.

    I have to say that yours and Kevin’s posts on the VSG surgery helped me in my decision to have the same surgery. Each day I logged in to follow your progress. The more research I did, I became more adament that the lapband just wasn’t for me. I wanted to have the “set and forget option”. I am in Perth and had my surgery on 12th February 2008 and have since lost 35kg. I’m still pressing on and it’s my New Year’s Resolution to keep things moving in the downwards direction. I am hovering just above 100kg and would really like to see the next 20-25kg shift by Winter or at least Spring.

    I had the most fantastic surgeon here in Perth – Jeff Hamdorf. It is the best decision I have ever made and has honestly been life changing. I only wish I did it sooner – still better late than never. I have now become an inspiration to a close family friend and possibly my best friend too.

    Over the last day or so, I have been busy planning menus for the upcoming year. I plan to create 6-8 weekly menus and rotate them. I work full time for a mining company and usually don’t get home till 6.00pm – so it is very easy to want to take an easy way out and do cook something simple and easy, so our meals are not always as balanced and nutritional as they can be.

    So I’ve decided that I need to pay more attention to planning meals, and we as a family need to make more use of Daylight Saving, so this year we all got new Bikes and Helmets for Christmas. I am determined to try and set a better example for my daughter Annelise (8 years). At 35 in January, I realise that I’m still relatively young and I need to make each future year count.

    I’ve worked on weeks 1 and 2. Typed up the recipes I need for each week and typed out a shopping list for each week. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and tried to balance each main meal to incorporate protein, vegies and a little carbohydrate. I did my first weekly shop today using my menu plan and shopping list and cooked our first meal from the plan tonight – Balsamic Steak, Cannelini Bean Mash, Salsa and Steamed Green Beans. I know you are vegetarian, but it was a huge hit in our house tonight, so I’m off to a great start.

    I really love seeing what the Withnall family are up to. I especially loved following you on your road trip earlier this year – what an adventure.

    Thanks for all the hints and tips I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve even printed some of your scrapbook layouts for some inspiration – after all I’m a beginner. But I’ve done up my first two album pages and am really pleased with my efforts.

    Well that’s enough rambling for now. Again thank you – both you and Kevin really have been an inspiration to me. Congratulations to you both on your weight loss success – you both look fantastic.