Fun at Sea World


We woke up about 5am. Still feeling a little tired but had a reasonable nights sleep. This apartment seems noisier than the one we had last year – maybe cause we’re facing the highway. Had a cup of tea and everyone checked their e-mail. Not sure if you can in this photo but Kevin taught Amy about chat so they were chatting while sitting next to each other. What a family I have!!!


Typed up the blog post for yesterday and headed down to the gym for a cardio workout.  Amy made me some cereal and we sat outside and had breakfast.


At 8am we were poolside and we all went for a swim. The water was pretty cold – which woke us all up. We then jumped into the spa to warm up and Kevin & I drunk the tea we had bought down with us. It’s a tough life :-).



Back in the apartment we got all organised for our day out at Seaworld. The Simpsons was watched for a bit before we left at 9.30am.

Upon arrival at Sea World we decided to buy the superpass which gives us unlimited entry into 3 theme parks over 14 days.


There is a new ride – Jetboat Rescue – so we decided to do that first. Unfortunately Christy was too small but once she got over her dissapointment she was okay. I quite liked but think I’ll have a nice bruise on my hip tomorrow. Amy loved it and Kevin thought it okay. Next up we headed to the Bermuda Triangle but just we were about to ride, the ride was closed and had to be evacuted (when we went back later the lines were too long). We then went on the log ride – which is always a favourite.

IMG_6618 IMG_6620

We then visited the new Ray Reef and the girls got to pat some stingrays. Amy really loved this and didn’t want to leave.

Ray reef Amy patting stingrays

Kevin was getting hungry so we had an early lunch, sharing a vegetable roll. Christy had a cheese roll we bought with us (since she’s such a fussy eater) and Amy had a HUGE hot dog.

Lunch at sea world

Christy's lunch Amy and her hot dog

We then split up for a bit. Kevin and Amy went to ride Jetboat Rescue again (twice), and Christy went on a few of the kids rides.

Christy on ride

Next was Shark Bay – such a great place – a bit busy for good viewing today though (being a Sunday).

Christy watching the sharks

Christy was getting a bit tired and cranky and I was suffering some very sore hands and feet – they swell painfully when it’s humid) so we rode the skyrail, then stopped for a drink and an ice-cream.

On the skyrail On the skyrail

Feeling a little refreshed we went to visit Polar Bear  Shores – always a favourite of mine. The bear had tossed a container onto the rocks and spent ages trying to get it off.

Polar Bear playing

Then we saw the 4D movie -Planet SOS – which is really good. I love watching the girls trying to catch “things in the movie”.

4D Movie

We all seemed to have had enough by now (probably still suffering from a bit of lack of sleep) so we headed back to the apartment.  We’ll come back another day and do the things we missed.

Kevin & Christy doing who-knows-what

We went to get a few more grocery items (when we got back yesterday we discovered we could have had it delivered for free), then vegged out for a while in the apartment. About 5.15pm I took the girls down to have a swim in the indoor pool (didn’t get any photos as I uploading todays photos to Flickr). I read a Creating Keepsakes mag while they swam and we went back to the room at 6pm.

Dinner tonight was potato gnocchi with a cheese sauce and some garlic bread. While I typed up this post, the girls settled down to watch Madagascar 2.

EDITED to add they gave up on the movie after about 30mins and headed to bed. Kevin & I ended up watching So You Think You Can Dance for the first time ever and we both really enjoyed it. So nice to show these days that is positive and encouraging.

Tomorrow : Wet ‘n’ Wild

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  1. Hi Libby, Seaworld is great – we loved it. Make sure you go back to see the dolphin and seal shows – always lovely to watch as you aleady know, I suppose!. The ski show is good – very corny though – will it be different from the one you saw last visit? Keep us posted!!! Hows the weather?

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