The loooooong drive


At 2am (yes, 2am) Christy crawled into our bed – she couldn’t get back to sleep. Around 2.30am I suggested she go watch TV as I REALLY wanted to get a bit more sleep. But shortly after I heard Amy up so we just decided to get up and get going. Kevin &  I showered, we made some tea (for me) & coffee (for Keving), bundled into the car and we were off.

We left home at 3am, which was great in a way as we had NO traffic as we drove through Sydney. I think both girls finally went back to sleep around 5am. I tried to sleep but just rested.


We stopped at 7am for breakfast. I had a very yummy toasted cheese & tomato sandwich and a cup of tea for the road. Kevin decided we should buy an audio book but after listening to it for around 5mins we had to (well, I had to) turn it off. The writing was driving me mad. The heroine referring to “my silky soft  flat stomach” was a bit too much for me.

We continued listening to music, watching the world wake up and the girls played their DSs.

IMG_6551 IMG_6562

Once the sun was up I was able to do some knitting.


We stopped at Kempsey at a play park so everyone could stretch their legs and everyone had a go on the monkey bars.


More driving until Coffs Harbour where we stopped at the Big Banana for lunch. I had a delicious salad wrap (taking half in the car to have later).

IMG_6556 IMG_6559

More driving until we stopped at the Macadamia Castle. We stopped here last year and Amy requested we do so again so she could get some more of her favourite honey macadamia nuts. We also indulged in some macadamia ice-cream and Christy got to have a little play.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567 Macadamia Ice Cream

From here it was about another 90mins driving until we arrived in Surfers Paradise.

On the raod IMG_6563

We were feeling very road weary by this stage and it was great to have arrived. We met up with the lady I’d booked our room with and she took us up to it. It’s very nice and the views are great – but I think I prefer the unit we had last year.

Girls room at the Chevron Our room at the Chevron Our bedroom at the Chevron Chevron

We headed straight downstairs for groceries. Came back and unpacked them before quickly making dinner. i.e. throw a container in the microwave and press start. While unpacking, I got the girls bathed.Then had dinner and crashed on the lounge for about 30mins before we all called it a day and headed to bed at 7.30pm – which is actually 8.30pm back home. I think we did pretty good considering we were awake since 2am.

Christy checking e-mail

2 thoughts on “The loooooong drive

  1. Hi Libby, we just got back from 11 days at Surfers! We stayed at the Sands Turtle Beach resort at Mermaid Beach, it was fantastic. We flew up (it was the kids first time on a plane) and we hired a car to get around. I’m really interested to follow your posts to see what you guys do on your holidys. Whats the weather like? For the first week we were there we suffered the tail end of the cyclone, but then it came good. Have a blast – and tell us everything you do!! Amanda

  2. Hi Libby, sounds like a marathon! The Big Banana has gone down hill hasn’t it? Either that or I remember it so much better as a kid! Glad you’ve arrived safely 🙂

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