The drive home

On the road - driving into the rain

After I sent yesterday’s post, Christy fell asleep on the lounge around 6pm – poor little thing. She’s been such a trooper today even though she wasn’t feeling really well.


The noodle place was closed so we ended up with nando’s again – that veggie pita sure is yummy. We concluded our holiday with some more gelato and headed to bed just after 8pm ready for our early morning.

After a rough night – Christy woke me up around 10.30pm and I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages, Kevin had tossed and turned, we finally got out of bed at 4am, showered, got the last few belongings (most having been packed last night) and said our farewells to Surfers Paradise. It will be a few years before we’re back.

We hit the road around 4.30am. Our first stop was McDonald’s to get some raisen toast for breakfast.

Mc Donalds for breakfast

We had rather bad rain for much of the morning. At one point Kevin took a wrong turn (thanks to our sat. nav) we ended up off the main road. It was pretty countryside but there was a lot of water on the road and many fields were flooded. Scared we were going to end up stuck out here we turned around and headed back to find the Princes Highway.

Full rainbow Flooded paddocks

Poor Christy felt sick for much of the drive home (but luckily didn’t vommit).

Girls in the backseat

We stopped for lunch at Bulladella and later at Olivers for afternoon tea (and a yummy muffin). We arrived home at 6.30pm and unpacked the car before going next door too see Nan & Pop and the puppies. We got a HUGE welcome home from the dogs and Mum had made us some dinner, which we really appreciated and enjoyed while watching Wipeout. We all went to bed as soon as it was over, exhausted from the long days drive.

Tomorrow ; The fun of unpacking all our bags. I didn’t think we’d bought that much but we only just managed to fit everything in/on the car:-).

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  1. Glad you got home safe!! Hope Cristy is feeling ok now. I just loved your photos with the rainbows – how beautiful 🙂

    I have been wanting to take a photo of a rainbow for awhile now but haven’t managed to snap one!

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