Family Day Out

Well, it’s been some day since we’ve had a planned family day out, though we do aim to do it every month.

On Sunday it was a beautiful Autumn day so we went to Berry Markets.


A highlight was a visit to the animal nursery. Aren’t these baby goats just the cutest in their little coats?



The girls enjoyed patting the duckings and bunnies (they’d both love to have a bunny at home)



We bought a few bit and pieces including some veggie seedlings and this cute little dress up that Christy just had to have.


We had fresh corn cobs for lunch then headed into the town of Berry for a wonder around.

We had to visit this store… and bought some birthday treats for the dogs (whose birthday is at the end of the month)


As we were walking along, Christy spotted these guys up an alley. For some reason the flickr won’t load the photo so you’ll need to look here.

It was a very nice day out. When we got home I planted my seedlings, Kevin got organised for his week away in Melbourne and we watched a couple of movies.

One thought on “Family Day Out

  1. Thanks for sharing your day in Berry libby. It’s on my list of 101 things to do because I have been wanting to visit Berry for a few years. I have only really driven though. How often are the markets on there? Christy’s dress is so cute! Reminds me of the Jetsons…remember that cartoon? 🙂

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