Organising Photos

Seems to me I spend a LOT of time organising my photos. Much as I love digital photography things were much easier before. You take photos, take film to camera shop to be developed, pick up photos and place in photo albums – all done easy as pie!

Now that I need photos both for my blog and to scrapbook, things are a bit more complicated.

Once I take the photos I download them into i-photo on the Mac. I usually do this daily. I then flag the photos I want to print or put on my blog, and upload any for the blog to Flickr.


Once in Flickr they need to be labelled, tagged and placed into sets – usually I’ll do this every couple of weeks.

Photos to be scrapbooked are uploaded to Snapfish and printed at the end of every month. If I need any in between I can print them on my Selphi. When the photos arrive I place them into these albums – organised by seaons. For those of you familiar with Stacy Julians‘ Library of Memories system – this is what I use.


From here I can select photos to scrapbook. After a while I will move some of the photos into the drawers (in my case a Creative Memories organiser) – sorted by Us, People we love, Places we go and Things we do – the same systems as my scrapbook albums.



As I’m doing LOM again this year I’ve been going through both my binders and drawers and removing those photos I am NEVER going to scrapbook (like those old fat photos!) :-).

Must run…looks like I still have some work to do…



  1. vanessa says:

    OMG Libby. It’s a wonder you have time to scratch yourself. All those photos. After reading about your scrap supplies, I am going to do a humerous post on my measly stash. Have a great weekend

  2. Debbie says:

    Wow Libby you have your photos so organised……I keep thinking I am going to get them all organised. I will now and I am going to use some of these ideas. I like the seasons one and think that is what I will go with.
    Have a nice Sunday

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