One day at a time


We’ve been having the most gorgeous sunrises this week – I even got to experience a few of them on our walks down by the lake. Unfortunately I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to exercise the last few weeks (beyond walking the dogs) and food has been hit and miss. One day great, the next – not so great. I’m trying really hard to focus on eating and exercising to feel good, rather than to lose weight (but it’s hard when I need to do that as well). It’s been a rough weekend with the girls and a bad day with the pantry today but when I looked as this photo I took of this mornings’ sunrise I was reminded that I get another chance tomorrow to make it a healthy day and I just need to focus on taking things one day at a time.

6 thoughts on “One day at a time

  1. I’m in exactly the same place as you at the moment Libby – I’m just hesitant to blog about it. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts and I hope things feel better for you soon.

  2. You can do it Libby! Walking the dogs is good, you are exercising.

    Thanks for the review of the Peter Walsh DVD too. I got mine last week and its motivating me to finally get organised, one box at a time.

  3. Sorry you had a bad time of it lately……that can only mean you will have a wonderful couple of weeks coming up!! Hope today is better for you!

  4. It was a perfect sunset here too… Hugs. Libby.. we have every morning new to start afresh. Thank God our days are just 24 hours long!

    I have put on weight – my clothes are tight, I am unfit… motivation – where are you?

  5. I think that’s a great way to look at it! I’m up and down and all over the place myself at the moment. Hoping netball will help my motivation.

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