A few weeks back I upgraded my compost bin (which was just a normal canister which you’d use for something like tea) to real compost bin.


It’s got  filter on top (to stop odors), a carry handle (luxury) and some bin liners (definitely making it a lot more hygenic – and they are compostable).


It’s about 3-4 times the size of my last bin which means I don’t have to empty it every day. Not that we have a lot of food scraps with all our animals. But there are plenty of tea leaves :-).


The downside of which it’s too big to live on the bench, but it does fit nicely under the sink. Which works out well as I couldn’t find a white one and wouldn’t want a black one on the bench anyway :-).


When it gets full I just grab the liner and take it out to the bin green compost bin in the garden.


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