Day 15 – Cruise – Lazy days at sea


A rather lazy day at sea. A leisurely breakfast in the dining room, followed by some shopping.


I then took Christy to the pool for a slide and play.



Then it was time for lunch.

We then went to the movie theatre and watched “This Is It” which was enjoyable (but sad in a way).


After that we got some tea and went back to the room to read for an hour before we had our appointment with the future cruise consultant. We booked a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 40th birthdays next year.

Christy came back from club looking like Harry Potter.


Then it was time to get ready for dinner (again). Some times it feels like all we do is eat. Tonight was formal night. I had a delicious Asparagus soup, followed by a salad and mushroom pastry thing (which I ate about half of). No desert tonight as I was too full.

IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2591
I had wanted to go to the show tonight but Kevin has a sore throat. I wasn’t too worried though as I’m reading a good book. Can’t believe we’ve only got two day left (of the cruise). It was beautiful and calm today at sea.

*** For the first time Christy was allowed to sign herself out of kids club. When she wasn’t back at the expected we called and found out she’d left 5-8mins earlier. It’s only a 2min walk max. so Kevin went in search of her – only to find out outside kids club in the game arcade trying to put money on her cruise card so she could play games – talk about busted!!!