Half weekend away

On Friday afternoon I headed off for a scrapbooking weekend. I didn’t have far to go and in just 20mins I had arrived.

Bellambi Beach

The beach was just minutes from where we stayed but I didn’t venture there again. For some reason I took very few photos this weekend – very strange for me. Mel and Jody were already getting set up when I arrived so I quickly got unpacked and settled and got to work. A while later another of their friends had arrived and we headed for dinner at a Thai restaurant. No photos (what the?) but a lovely meal. I was even adventurous and even ordered a penang curry.

Let's scrapbook

The rest of the weekend was a combination of scrapbooking, chatting, playing on the i-pad (which Kevin kindly delivered to me on Sat morning), eating, scrapbooking, chatting, drinking tea and more eating. We were totally spoil with the food. Just check out what I ate.

Cupcakes by Jody

Craft cupcakes

A vegetarian cesear salad

and an amazing Indian dinner, complete with horrific India travel stories told by Jody & Mel. I won’t go into detail but let’s just India has moved considerably DOWN the travel list.

Table setting

Table setting

Two delicious indian curries made just for me. Thankfully some of my table mates were keen to share.

Indian dinner

Now, you might wonder why this post is titled Half Weekend Away. Well, even before I headed off on Friday afternoon I’d been thinking of not going so I could spend some time with Kevin. With him being away so much of late it seems like I’ve not spent any quality time with him. So I decided to head home after dinner on Saturday night so we could spend Sunday together. What a sap am I? It’s not like me at all but I really was missing him. I’m glad I went though. I got lots of pages done, had a blast chatting and laughing with Mel and Jody.

I was so bad with the photo taking I only got one of Mel & I – and that was because she thought to get one. Mel & Jody – if you managed to get a photo together can you please send me a copy?

Me and Mel

and now I get to spend a day with Kevin as well. The best of both worlds I’d say.

4 thoughts on “Half weekend away

  1. thanks for a great half weekend, it was fun learning all your little tricks, I wish I had written some of them down. We were so impressed with how many layouts you did, I finished the weekend with 10. Hope you had a fun day today 🙂

  2. What a great weekend – some time for you and some time with your lovely hubby. It’s great to have some time to indulge your passions isn’t it?

  3. Well I stayed up all by myself on the Sat night because I was on a mission to finish that damn santa book !!! (Yes, at 3.30am I slipped in the last page). And tonight I am home checking out all your blog recommendations LOL

    Fun weekend and so much fun to catch up IRL. Next time we will get to meet “Kevin the guru” for all our techie questions 🙂

    Now back to looking at cameras, ipads and organising sites!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Doing something with buddies that enjoy the same thing is very good for the soul. Quality time with your husband is another, equally good thing for the soul….and for the marriage. You had a wonderful weekend!


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