USA – Day 2 Part 2 – California Adventure

We had a nice break back in our room and my feet recovered considerably before we headed back out around 4pm. First stop was Downtown Disney. Kevin has decided to ship a box back to Australia with what we’ve bought so far – he’s bought some things for work customers – to save us carting it with us, so we wanted to try and do most of shopping sooner rather than later.

IMG_2258 IMG_2259

I was getting desperate for a tea, only having one had one small cup in the last 48 hours!!! And I think that might have been the cause of todays headache. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best cup of tea – but it was better than nothing. We were going to sit and enjoy it but the girls next to us were VERY loud so we decide to drink (Kevin had a coffee) while walking to California Adventure.


We came in via the main entrance this time but it’s under construction as you can see.


We went to get a fast pass but the wait was just 13mins so we hopped in line.


The attention to detailing in Disney parks never fails to amaze me.


Waiting to ride Tower of Terror

We had wanted to go on Monsters Inc but it was closed so we just headed over to get our World of Colour picnic.



This was a great deal. You got your meal plus drink and fast pass tickets to the World of Colour show. Best was I could book online and not have to worry about getting tickets this morning. And the meals was REALLY good. Kevin had the All American and I had the Mediteranean Vegetarian (my wrap was great and the cous cous salad to die for).

IMG_2269 IMG_2272

We had quite a while till the show and it was getting cool so we decided to go back our room to pick up jackets. Lucky we did as we really needed them. Then it was time to wait. We were far too early but were quite happy just to sit and wait and people watch. We actually ended up being first in line and people couldn’t understand why we headed towards the back. But I had read online that it was a good place to stand – we were here an hour before showtime but probably could have gotten here just 15mins before as no-one seemed to want to join us.


It was nice watching the place get darker and the lights coming on.



Then finally it was show time and boy what a show it was. Absolutely fantastic. Very worth the time to see it. The photos don’t do it justice so I’ll try to post some video sometime.

World of Colour

World of Colour

And our spot was just perfect. We had a great view and DIDN”T get wet, besides a slight bit of spray. I’m guessing those down the front would have gotten drenched (and cold). It’s definitely not a case of the closer the better.  We stopped to get another tea for me on the way back to our room. Kevin opted for Mickey sandwich bar. He’d wanted me to get a photo but forgot in his haste to eat it :-).

Back in our room we discovered we’d had a turn down service – which was very nice.


I loved the little card they left for us.


It’s definitely been a magical night. And now that I’ve warmed up with my cup of tea and written up this post, I’m off to get that peaceful sleep.

7 thoughts on “USA – Day 2 Part 2 – California Adventure

  1. Looks like there are problems with your photos Lib, or is it me? Isn’t World of Colour great! We were at the front but didn’t get wet either. There didn’t seem to be much of a crowd for your show – was there another show later that evening? We were packed in like sardines at the show we saw! Looked alot more relaxing for you. Glad all is well.

  2. I love that photo of you having your cuppa! Have fun. Look forward to the next post!!!

  3. oh, wow!

    thanks for sharing your holidays with us all, Libby. Looks fabulous!

  4. I agree about the drinks at La Brea. I live 20 minutes from Disneyland, so I’m almost always using my pass.
    It’s good to see you in California, and glad you got to see World of Color.
    The last time we went, the jets malfunctioned and soaked us in the second tier, LOL.

  5. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your travels so far, and look forward to “travelling” with you on the rest of the trip.

  6. Sounds like you had a great day! Haven’t been to DL since 2005 so I am looking forward to a trip there soon and seeing all the new stuff 🙂

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