USA – Day 9 – The long drive

We were up very early this morning so decided to get ready and hit the road around 6.20am!!! We enjoyed the some tea along the way and stopped in Soldotna’s Fred Meyer to get some more groceries.


I was looking at this cute desert when I realized it was might for dogs!!! Wow they really do have everything in USA.


This is the organic/healthy frozen section – in a remote Alaskan town….. so not fair….


I prepared a bagel in the MH which I ate on the way. As you can we had splendid weather today and it was actually quite warm.



Around 11.15am we arrived at the Alaskan Wildlife Preserve (which had been recommended to us by some locals).


It’s a drive around park but you can get to see the animals and in Kevin’s case take photos.




This Mummy bison with both this years and last years calf was my favourite.





We then drove a bit further up the road to the Alyeska ski resort.


where we caught tram up to the top of the mountain. Kevin was happy because he got to stand on the snow.


It was so beautiful and surprisingly not at all cold.



We had bought lunch with our lift ticket and we both chose soup – Kevin had meat chilli and I had tomato with raviolli. So yummy.



Made ever better by the view we had.


We then caught the train back down. We apparently went over a bear and her cub but neither Kevin or I saw them :-(.


There aren’t a lot of wildflowers out yet but those that are so so pretty.


As were the potted flowers around the resort.


We continued on our way – up past Anchorage and Willow. Kevin got a bit sleepy around 3pm we pulled into some little down and he had a sleep for an hour. I took the opportunity to give the MH a bit of a tidy up and read some magazines.


At 4pm we were on our final leg of today 7 hour drive and arrived in Talkeetna just before 6pm.



We got set up and then walked into the town. It was such a lovely day and still wasn’t cold yet. Talkeetna is the town that inspired the TV show Northern Exposure (which I have never actually watched).


It really is an odd little town – just a handful of shops and restaurants – which I’m sure are all here to cater to the tourist.


After a quick tour we walked back to the MH. We didn’t have any wifi in the MH so I went over to the office area and sat outside to upload photos to flickr. Unfortunatley some mossies found me but I suffered for the sake of the blog :-). Once the photos were done I went back to the MH to write up the posts and have some dinner. Another Amy’s meal – tonight was Mexican Casserole. It’s probably just as well I can’t get Amy’s – I might never cook again they are that good and taste just like what I’d make myself :-).

As soon as I finish eating I’m going to post this and then do a bit of reading before bed.

Tomorrow : Headed to Denali.


  1. Linda J says:

    stunning shots, Libby! thanks for posting.

    9and how gorgeous do you look in the stripey tee and headband with the mountain backdrop)

  2. Ailsa says:

    Absolutely breath taking photos! Really enjoying your travels with you. I love the photo of you outside by the mountain. Definitely one to blow up for the wall!

  3. Lisa says:

    I have just caught up on all you recent posts and all I can say is WOW!! Everything looks wonderful – and you guys really have captured some great photos!

  4. Cass says:

    Another great day! Love all the wildlife!

    I had to laugh at your photo of the beautiful “wildflowers” because they look like dandelions (weeds) which we spend a lot of money to get rid of LOL!

    I eat a few of Amy’s brand soups and they are quite yummy!

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