The week that was

It was the week I spent much time up at the school packing uniform orders (with the help of my wonderful Mum) . Both girls were home sick and Christy is still not 100%. It was the week Jasmine died at the ancient (for a guinea pig) age of 6.5yrs.

It was the week of more glorious Summer weather….not!!!!


which meant it was perfect weather for hot chocolates (courtesy of the advent calender)….


It was the week of Christy’s choir performance at the Wollongong Mall….


and the week she finally set up our Christmas village…


It was the week of my last Christmas shopping trip…hopefully….


and the week the girls helped with chores around the house….our dishwasher packed it in on Saturday so there was quite a lot of hand washing to be done….


It was the week Kevin printed and framed our canvas photos…


and hung them on the wall for me….


It was the week of a nail polish delivery…. I did try not to get TOO carried away :-)…


and a new polish applied…


It was the week of fresh pickings from the garden….


It was the week we celebrated Nan’s Birthday…

IMG_6753.jpg IMG_6744.JPG

And the girls had their dance concert…didn’t get any photos there but we had a repeat performance the next day…with a much better view…


It was the week we saw Arthur Christmas at the movies….


And it was the week I found both dogs sleeping on the same lounge….


and they had a visit to Santa…


They were so perfectly behaved, even Santa commented on how good they were. So good they got a present….

IMG_6734.JPG IMG_6732.JPG

3 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Libby the Santa photo made my day how on earth were you able to do that. fred would probably bite Santa and Milly wouldnt sit still and take off. However I was able to get my girls to have a photo with santa, not bad for a 18 and 15yr old lol. BTW loved the nail polish too.

  2. Some days (like today) it’s so nice to visit your blog and get a window into your family life… it’s so calming. Thanks for your blog, Libby 🙂

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