4 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour 2011

  1. very nice Libby, my house is looking a bit sad with lack of Christmas decorations. Every year I have plans for large scale decorating but never get around to it lol.

  2. Love the little decoration from St Petersburg, but then again I might be biased!

    I think the decorating you’ve done looks good, just enough to feel Christmassy and not too much to pack up when you get back from holidays.

  3. hi libby, what made you decide to go to fiji for chrissy? is your mum and dad going too? lets hope you have better weather than here! we are going down to corrimal a day or 2 after christmas and if the weather is yuk we’ll probably come home! what is santa bringing the girls? your girls are older now and i like hearing what that age group wants. mine are now 14, 13 and 9 1/2 and their stockings wont be bulky this year – everything they want can fit into their pockets!!!!

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