Movie night ….. by the pool

A while back Kevin had the idea that we should watch movies while in the pool and quickly began collecting supplies. Last night we had our first poolside movie night.


We had to wait till around 8.30pm so it was dark enough to see the screen. The plan had been to watch from in the pool but it was a little on the cool side. Only Amy was brave enough to start off in the pool.


Ideally we’d have some pool floats so you don’t actually spend the whole time “in” the pool. Looks like we also need some more lounge chairs.


We watched about half of Aladdin before the mozzies chased us indoors. It was definitely a fun event, we just need a few more supplies…. like citronella candles…and some popcorn!

3 thoughts on “Movie night ….. by the pool

  1. Hey it must be the thing to do as I have a FB friend who has a similar setup for outdoor movies but no pool though 🙂 Looks like fun! Too bad about the mozzies though.

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