The week that was

It was the week we arrived home from Kiama (for good) and the week I gave the fridge a thorough clean since it was nice and empty….


It was the week Amy hosted a Hunger Games inspired dinner for a school project….

IMG_1612.JPG  IMG_2692.JPG IMG_2694.JPGIMG_2696.JPG

It was the week of rides to the park….



and the week unusual, yet beautiful, plants were spotted….


It was the week some books arrived from Amazon….


and the week I tried a new nail polish combination….


It was the week Amy & I had a day out shopping in Miranda (Nan & Christy had a day out as well)….

IMG_1620.JPG IMG_1626.JPG

and the week we had chocolate overload a the Lindt cafe…. we barely made it half way through our order….


It was the week of mixed skies….


and the week I had to close the blinds for the first time this Winter….


It was the week of visiting my Granny (who just turned 90) in hospital. She had  a fall and fractured 2 ribs, but seems to be making a good, but slow, recovery…


It was the week of trying to starve off a sinus infection with healthy drinks and nasal sprays… seems to have worked…

IMG_1609.jpg IMG_1632.JPG

and the week of very tired puppies….

IMG_1628.JPG IMG_1635.JPG

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  1. I so miss the girly shopping trips (my mum, my sister and myself) that we used to have, and the fashion parade for dad when we got home! My boys think 2 hrs looking for clothes they want / need is purgatory LOL

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