Small Organising Projects

I have a lot of organising projects on my to-do list but many are all day jobs, some like the scrapbook room, would even take days, if not weeks. When I’m busy or just not up to tackling a big project I try to take on a small one. Yesterday I did the girls vanity. Honestly it took about 15mins. Love that I get to cross off a project as being done. I also gave their bathroom I tidy (but did not clean).

I can’t really sort through Amy’s stuff any more so I left the drawers for her to do, in additional to the basket she on top of the vanity. While tidying I put stuff for Amy and Christy to sort through into a tub.

IMG_2079.jpg IMG_2080.jpg

I got rid of things I knew no-one was using and tidied up or rehomed the rest.

IMG_2081.jpg IMG_2087.jpg

I try to repurpose containers so I grabbed the black beauty case that was lying empty in one cupboard and made it a place to store my lush products, which were in the purple bag.

IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2084.JPG

Now I can see all my goodies.


I also keep a few lush products in this tub which lives on a shelf above the bath and I’m making it a mission to use up my stash before I buy anymore.


How do you tackle your organising projects? Do you break them up into smaller projects?

Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

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  1. Mel says:

    I live your organising posts 🙂
    Can you please tell me where you get your Method products from. I used to get them from Woolies but they don’t sell them anymore.

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