June Blogging Challenge

Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004 by libbywithnall

Sam, Amy, Christy and Belle

Ok, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to blog EVERY DAY in June. It’s like a lot of things – the more you do the easier it gets, so hopefully this will get me back into blogging on regular basis again. I’ve got some ideas – some recipes, organising projects, videos, a tag or two, and maybe some trips down memory lane, etc. but I’m happy to hear any requests of what you might like to see here as well.

I’ll be back later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning for a day in the life post.

10 thoughts on “June Blogging Challenge

  1. Such a beautiful photo of the girls and the puppies!

    Looking foward to daily posts, especially the organising and scrapbooking projects.

    Would love to hear how your trip plans are coming along too, Libby.

  2. I agree with Briget. Would love to hear some of your trip plans. Also like to see your reviews of makeup, and scrapbooking.
    Are you still doing project life?
    Mine won’t be shipped until the end of the month so I will have 6 months to catch up on when I get it. Not looking forward to that.
    Glad to see that you are going to be blogging everyday.


  3. What a gorgeous photo of your girls and the two pups. You mentioned once that my BJ looked very similar to your Sam – now that I have seen a photo, I agree. Good luck with daily posting, I would love to get back to my blog, but have been struggling trying to get everything done that “needs” to be done, let alone anything else since starting work. Have just been reading a couple of my favourite blogs (yours is one of them) when I have a few minutes. Hopefully I might be able to get on there this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend.:)

  4. Well I love your blog Libby, esp your Day in My Life posts. Always so down to Earth. Seeing as my current interest is chickens, I would love a post just on yours! 🙂

  5. I love that picture! Such a reminder that time flies by so quickly. I am looking forward to seeing your blog posts. I usually post during the week but take the weekends off. I love your Day in The Life posts!

  6. Hi Libby, what a lovely picture of your girls and pups!
    Do you mind if I keep you company on the Post-every-day challenge? I’ve been thinking along the same lines.
    I enjoy reading your blog, but your organisation posts I find especially inspiring.

  7. cannot wait to see what you come up with 🙂
    I am going to do the same challenge since I am so slack at writing down my memories 🙂

  8. I just remembered something else. Your salads (and some other meals) in your day in my life posts always look so tasty, so would love some of your favourite recipes.

  9. I’ve been really interested in posts about how people organize day to day things using notebooks! Maybe you could do a blog post on how you stay organized using one 🙂 x

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