The week that was

It was the week of lots of lovely walks down by the lake….

IMG_2655.jpg IMG_2639.jpg IMG_2663.jpg

and the week I got back to proper exercise….


It was the week I made some major progress in the scrapbook room….


and the week I discoverer Magic Stars in the supermarket (these were a fav. in the UK)….


It was the week of Harvest Moon nails….


And it was the was the week the 2012 Olympics in London began….


It was the week I spent most of Sunday watching the mens road race….


and the week Christy made this for me….


It was the week of a family lunch…. with my Granny…whom is back at home and doing fantastic….



Our meal concluded with everyone getting their blood pressure tested… as you do….


And it was the week of just ONE puppy photo…. I had a full car so Bailey had to ride in the back… don’t think he was too impressed…


2 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. OMG Bailey looks so unimpressed. That really made me laugh, if I tell Milly she’s not coming with us she drops her head, walks off then will look over her shoulder and glares at you. It’s hilarious. So glad to hear your Granny is doing well. What a lovely place the lake is, it must be lovely walking around there.

  2. Yay for grandma being home! Is that blood pressure cuff connected to the Iphone?

    It was the week I started really exercising too. I started going to the gym but got turned off. I am walking on my own now and enjoying it so much more.

    I wish we had those Milky Way stars here. They look yummy!

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