The week that was


It was the week of very mixed weather….


and a return back to winter….


It was the week of crazy wind, rain and cold on Friday. Around 10am it was just 8 deg outside!!!




It was the week the dogs went to the vets for their annual checkup and shots…


followed by a walk near the beach…

IMG_3250.jpg IMG_3253.jpg

It was the week I noticed more signs that it’s supposed to be Spring…. these trees we drive by are all growing new leaves…


and we have buds on our ornamental pears….


It was the week of finding things on our walks… first the dead baby shark….


then some very cute baby snails…at the park… not in my veggie garden :-)….


It was the week I found Christy watching her fav show Good Luck Charlie right in front of the TV….


and it was the week I found a home for the cute little chalkboard I bought at Typo. I started out writing our dinner but have changed to putting todays featured snacks…. makes it easy for the girls to know what they can eat after school…

IMG_3247.jpg IMG_3248.jpg

It was the week these two books arrived in the mail… can’t wait to dive into them both….


and it was the week I got another order from iherb (which now offers free international delivery) and included some more real technique brushes. I love iherb for luna bars, supplements and these brushes. Great service, a huge range of products and you can use this code WIT896 to get $10 off your first order.


It was the week of orange nails (OPI My chihuhua bites)…


and a pastel blue (OPI mini)….


It was the week I tidied and sorted my wardrobe…. yet again….


and the week of spooky shadows on the floor… luckily not from real spiders…..


And it was the week I got to enjoy my first mango of the season….


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  1. Oh I love the look of that mango. I saw them at the fruit shop the other day but they were $3 which is still bit too expensive for me.

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