Day 10 – Musical delights

After last nights very late night it was a very slow morning around here (though I was still up before 7am). I played on my laptop as one by one everyone woke up. Christy was up around 10am so I made french toast for the two of us. I had mine with a protein shake and some strawberries.


We then did a bit of “smashing” until it was time to head off to the Animal Kingdom around 12pm.


Of course, we had to catch the tram today as we were parked a bit further away from the front gate. Once inside we headed to Dinoland. Along with way I spotted Dibs – you might recall I fell in love with these last year at Disneyland.


We proceeded on to see Finding Nemo the musical.


While the music wasn’t anything outstanding (not like the usual Disney standard) I thought the puppetry and set was amazing. The girls enjoyed it but Kevin was unimpressed.


We were getting hungry by now so went to have lunch.


Amy and I had the vegetarian sub, which, although it doesn’t look much, was truly delicious. Would have been perfect on a healthier roll.


The girls were super keen to ride Dinosaur. It’s definitely not one of my fav. rides but the girls proceeded to ride a second time.


I really wanted to get the purple vegetarian t-shirt in the gift shop but they only had teen sizes. The shop assistant thought I might have more luck with the carnivore top!!!!!


Next up was Primeval Whirl…


which happened to break down while we were on it. We had to wait for a cast member to come and escort us off the ride. I guess if it had to happened it wasn’t a bad ride for it as it was outside in the fresh air.


We then had to proceed quickly and find a spot for the parade. We actually found the perfect spot and only had to wait 10mins.


The parade was good, but not great. Not as good as the one I’d last seen here, though I’m sure some of the lost sparkle is because the girls are older and not as mad for the characters as they once were.


After this we headed to Camp Minnie & Mickey…. where Christy and I got to meet Chip and Dale.


Before we went to see Festival of the Lion King, which was as good as we all remembered.


Everyone wanted to complete a ride on Primeval Whirl (not really sure why as it wasn’t that good) but we went back to Dinoland to do it in full this time. Christy loved it, Kevin & I not so much. Mabye we’re just getting too old.


It was 5.30pm now and we had a dinner reservation for 5.45pm which we were not going to be on time for so we left the park, stopping for a pic beside the Christmas tree…


then drove to….


We’ve stayed at the main lodge before but this time we headed to the villas. What a place. Just gorgeous.


We had a booking for Sanaa, which I thought was an African resturant, but it turned out to be more Indian.


It was an amazing place to eat. We were in one of the (hut) booths.


We started with some breads – which were oh, so yummy.


I then had the sampler – first two on the menu. It was okay but I didn’t eat much. Kevin loved his meal and Christy adored her pizza (made on naan bread). I’m still very glad we came here as the setting and bread made up for any shortcomings in the main meal (which was probably just bad choices on my behalf).


The girls and I were tired and wanted to head home but Kevin was keen to visit Walmart (and wanted to get a new shaver).


Amazing we all perked up once we walked in the stores. The girls were amazed by the size, not remembering from their last visit. And I was jealous when I saw the prebagged chopped kale.


We picked up a few groceries then explored the rest of the shop. Amy picked up some posters for her and her friends.


I really wanted to buy this wreath, but didn’t, and was even more jealous of all the Christmas goodies available to buy.


I did, however, indulge in some makeup buying. Not too much though as we’re still to visit Sephora. But look at those prices! We get so ripped off in Australia. $10 in Australia, $2.93 in the US!!!!


We finished here and headed home, tired but happy.

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