It’s a dogs life


I’m still feeling under the weather but yesterday I managed to get my house cleaned (downstairs anyway) & get some groceries. I also managed to take the pups to the local dog park so they could stretch their legs.


It was such a lovely day out and we all enjoyed a walk around on the green grass.

IMG_6683.JPG  IMG_6687.jpg


Later in the evening we had a little flower wreath photo wearing.


Then today, after a trip to the pet shop to get a new halti for Rosie, there were some new toys to play with. I did buy two but they always seem to want the one the other has.





After two days of fun, it’s off the vets for needles tomorrow :-).

3 thoughts on “It’s a dogs life

  1. Thanks for keeping your blog going. I read every post and love keeping up with what you are doing.

  2. How is it that your dogs do not destroy chew toys…I cannot buy them, they get mangled and shredded to dust status in less than one hour, so much money has been spent on trying to find a toy they do not trash…even the kong did not make it, I had to remove it from them because teeth would get stuck inside the rubber! 🙁
    great to see them have fun nonetheless!
    Keep the blog going!

  3. HI Libby 🙂 What can I say….. such beautiful and handsome dogs with their garlands on 🙂

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