Homemade Chocolate


Hope you don’t mind more sunrise walks photos. It’s been stunning out there and it’s been so long since I walked at this time of day, I’ve just been drinking it all in. It is much a magical way to start the day, esp. now that the flies aren’t so bad :-).


 And look, you can see the escarpment again.


It was a busy morning with uniform shop and unpacking LOTS of boxes in preparation for the upcoming kindy fittings. Then I did a HUGE grocery shop. Since I’d only had a quick protein drink on the go for breakfast I stopped by Wendy’s for a fruit smoothie. The lady gave me a sample of this raspberry and passionfruit sorbet. It was delicious. And don’t the colours just scream Summer?


So instead of my usual watermelon smoothie I decided to try the new raspberry passionfruit smoothie. It was good, but I think I prefer the watermelon one.


Finally I made it home with my groceries. I must say I was exhausted. I filmed the fridge/freezer part of my grocery haul (video up soon) and then went and vegged on the couch for awhile before filming the rest.


I very excited to buy my first mangos of the season.


Didn’t really do a lot for the remainder of the day but I did find time to make some healthy chocolates. While they weren’t really like normal chocolate they were pretty tasty and it’s good to have something like this and not feel guilty :-).


It was also great to finally have a use for some of my chocolate moulds, from back in my chocolate making days. Have you ever made chocolates at home? Healthy or otherwise? I used to do coloured and filled chocolates and give them for gifts for Christmas.



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  1. Debbie says:

    Personally I love seeing your sunrise photos – keep them coming. I’ve just started getting into my morning walking and was out the door just before 7am this morning but think i will probably week days get up about 6.15am and go for a walk. That raspberry/passionfruit sorbet looked so awesome and yes very summery must see if our local has it.

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