Weekend Away to the Snowy Mountains

Sorry, that I still haven’t done any posts for May – they are coming – but I wanted to share our weekend away to the Snowy Mountains. This was a birthday trip (my birthday is next week) for just Kevin and myself. With me being so unwell this year and Kevin a bit stressed with work, we thought it best just to have some time together without the kids.

On Friday morning Kevin dropped the girls at school, came back home to help me finish off the packing and we set off about 9.15am.


It’s a long drive to Thredbo (about 5 hours all up) but one I really enjoy.


We stopped to have lunch at Bredbo Pancake & Crepes.



We had eaten here once before – about 10 years ago, and this time we were lucky enough to get a table by the window.


I got an asparagus crepe. Both it and the salad were very yummy, very fresh. But I only managed to get through half of it. Kevin and I had debated sharing a meal, and that’s what we should have done.


Feeling a bit too full, we were back on the road. I really love this area with all the rocks scattered about.



For my non- Australian readers, we saw plenty of these signs, but no “live” kanagaroos.


Finally we spotted Lake Jindabyne.


We stopped by the dam for Kevin to fly his drone and get some video.


We then had a brief stop in Jindabyne, where we visited the tourist center and had a quick look around the shops (but didn’t buy anything). Then it was the final drive to Thredbo. For some bizarre reason (probably due to vlogging) I didn’t get any photos through here but it was so weird NOT seeing any snow at the top of the mountains.

Finally around 4pm we arrived at the Snowgoose Apartments and got checked in, where we were made very welcome.


I had booked a one bedroom apartment for a great rate at lastmintute.com.au just a few weeks ago. And we were thrilled with our room.








While I got “slightly” unpacked, Kevin got to work fixing the vizor for the drone.


Tomorrow I’ll share the view from our room so you’ll have to believe me when I tell you there was NO SNOW – except for a small patch at the VERY top of the mountain. Kevin decided to fly the drone again but unfortunately there was a bit of an emergency when it crashed out of our slight. So there was a mad dash from the apartment and down into the village to try and find it.

See if you can find it in this photo…


I’ll give you hint – it’s in the tree!! Lucky really as there is a river and a pool closeby!! Kevin went back to our apartment to find some help and one of the locals went to get his ladder, which Kevin climbed up to retrieve the “drone of shame”.


It got pretty cold and dark, as we waited for rescue, especially as we had rushed out without gloves and beanies. But at least we didn’t have to worry about this…


We found somewhere to order a takeaway pizza (they already knew about the drone in the tree) but since they weren’t yet open Kevin had to go back and pick up half an hour later.

I just wanted to get back to our room and get warmed up.


We got a Tuscan Veggie pizza and it was rather yummy. I loved the base but missed my normal toppings (with pineapple). Still it was very nice for a change.


The rest of the evening was spent watching Time Team and then some of the Giro d’Italia (because excitingly enough we have the Eurosport channel here). At least now I won’t have 4 days of racing to watch when I get home. I kept falling asleep but managed to watch the end before crawling into bed at 10.30pm. My low iron levels seem to make me very tired.

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  1. So funny – ‘drone of shame’. Lucky for some help from the locals! The apartment looks lovely as does the scenery. Enjoy 🙂

  2. My goodness this is beautiful; I am spellbound! You seem to be having a gala time around the mesmerizing and captivating beauty of nature. Lucky you 🙂
    Glad I came across this visual delight, Thanks sharing!

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