Looking for snow – Snowy Mountains Weekend Away – Day 2


Here’s the promised view from our room.


I was up before the sun (no surprise there) so I was able to watch as the sunlight made it’s way down the mountain.



We’ve really loved the apartment but it failed in bathroom lighting and bench space, so I had to set up a little makeup station in the bedroom.


Around about 9am we decided to head out in search of a proper breakfast (we’d already had a banana).


And look, we found some snow – off in the distance – at Charlotte’s Pass. Kevin had wanted to go a short walk but I wanted to visit the toilet first (little did we know there was one not far from here) and get some breakfast.




Even without the snow it’s a pretty area here (and in the Summer it is full of wild flowers).


It was pretty chilly for us though!!


Still in search of toilets we stopped at Perisher. But as you can see there was no-one around (except for workers getting ready for the start of the ski season).


We backtracked a bit to where we had a seen an open sign.


And ended up getting “brunch” here.


Not a bad view to take in while you eat.




I ordered a veggie burger, but ran into a problem, as it was bigger than my mouth!!! It was so delicious though – one of the best I’ve ever had. We started eating here but Kevin said his hand were too cold so we decided to hop into the car and eat in the warmth.


We made another stop at the water surge tower.



And took in the view over Lake Jindabyne.



We then drove into town and bought a few groceries (including tea for tonight) then headed back out to Thredbo. This is the shot I didn’t get yesterday where you can usually get your first sighting of snow on the top of the mountains.


IMG_4041.jpg  IMG_4040.jpg


I was just saying to Kevin that I didn’t think it was the area to see emu’s when just around the corner I spotted these guys.


I think I’ve only seen wild emu’s once – out in the middle of Australia.


I was lucky enough to be filming the emus as just up the road we saw a kanagroo – which ran across the road and just missed getting hit by an oncoming car.

We went back to our apartment for a while then got dressed into warmer clothing so we could take the chairlift up to the top of Thredbo.


Kevin was happy to find some snow to stomp in (he’s such a boy!!).


While I enjoyed the view back down into the valley.


We then headed into the cafe, which is Australia’s highest cafe/restaurant.



Now that’s a window with a view!!


I had been determined to enjoy a hot chocolate sometime this weekend so I took the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet hot choc here. It was REALLY good!! Kevin chose to have banana pancakes – one of his favs.

IMG_4072.jpg  IMG_4075.jpg

Kevin had wanted to go a short walk, as did I, but I got out of breath really quickly (due to my low iron levels) so we didn’t make it very far. Guess we’ll just have to come back when I’m feeling better. It was such a shame but at least I’ve better overall than on many days.


Time to head back down the chairlift.


Our apartment is pretty much in the middle of the following photo. If you look really hard you can probably make out my white car.


I wasn’t feeling the best after walking back up to the apartment so even though it wasn’t yet 3pm I got into my pjs and settled in for the afternoon. I did some reading, relaxing and even had a short nap (the low iron levels seem to make me extra sleepy as well).

Later we watched some TV  including a few episodes of Aircrash Investigation. Kevin was nice enough to organise dinner. I had one of the Jamie Oliver Cheesy Cauli Soups (never even knew they were available) and it was good – just not quite as good as the one I make myself :-).




This was enjoyed with a delicious ciabatta roll. Later there was some ice cream – after all, it is a birthday weekend :-).


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  1. How lovely to have the place to yourself, I just loved Charlottes pass, we did the blue lake walk that was in one of your photos and it was just amazing. Looks like a wonderful weekend for the two of you 🙂

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