Spring 2011

I travelled to….

Sydney LOTS of times with Amy for a myriad of appointments and tests. Hard to believe a whole season has past and we still have no answers.

Gorgeous skies

Dubbo Zoo for a last minute trip away with the family


I listened to….

far too much rain.

I read….

not enough. Now that I’ve discovered daily vlogs I’m even struggling to keep up with my favourite blogs. I’ve also been slow reading books at night. And I have a stack of “real” books that I borrowed from the library that I haven’t even touched yet.

I watched….

Amy perform at the Sydney Entertainment Center in RAW, Cesar Millan on stage, The Mentalist, Glee, Australia’s Next Top Model, and the Smurf Movie for Christy’s birthday.


I also watched quite a few basketball games now that the 2011/12 season is underway.


I wore….

Crocs (surprise, surprise), jeans, new vests I got from Katies (bought all 3 colours), and shorts for the first time in over 12 years.


I scrapped…

a bit. I had a good restart in October but have lost my way again 🙁

I made….

okay, so I didn’t make it, but I did plant it … the veggie garden.

Veggie garden after

and I started work on a new blanket.


I planned….

our trip to Fiji (not that much planning was required)

I celebrated….

a high school reunion.


Father’s Day.




and Christy’s 10th Birthday.

I dreamed…

of not being in pain with arthritis and a heal spur, and of Fiji…which is now just 3 weeks away


Odds and sodds….

Many hours have been spent in my Uniform duties in the planning and organising of our new school uniform.

We got 6 new chickens (and lost 2 of our old girls).

I joined Weight Watchers, lost some weight, then fell back into old eating habits, and regained most of the weight :-(.

It been a strange few months. I don’t seem to have achieved very much at all (though I did get bits of Spring Cleaning done) but it was so busy with apts for Amy and general running around. I seemed to spend a lot of time in the car – which is unusual for me.

I made sure to be more social this Spring and got to catch up with quite a few friends, which was very nice.

I had a treatment on my heal spur – but don’t think it has worked.

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Autumn 2011

Crazy that another 3 months have gone past and it’s time for another seasonal update.

I travelled to…

Sydney for a weekend away with Kevin…

Waiting to see Tim Minchin

Surfers Paradise for a family holiday…

Photo with Maverick

and Canberra to spend Easter with the Powells…


I listened to….

Glee songs and the girls music – which is constantly playing and being sung along to.

I read…

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by the Pioneer Woman (loved it), some more of the Naked in Death series books, and a stack of magazines on holidays.

I watched…

The Royal Wedding..


Pirates of the Caribbean 4,  Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, Hall Pass and Something Borrowed at the movies; Tim Minchin at the Opera House and lots of youtube videos. On TV I watched Britains Next top model, Got to dance UK, Grand Designs, Season 2 of Glee and many episodes of The Dog Whisperer. I watched Amy’s school talent show and Christy running in the cross country and playing Futsal.

We saw Mary Poppins at the theatre and reinstigated Family Movie Night – first up was Tangled which we all loved.


I wore….

Crocs (almost every day), Susan’s leisurewear pants (love them – comfy and smart at the same time),  and scarves (I have an addiction).


I scrapped…

hardly at all. I’ve really lost my mojo. I have been keeping up with Project Life however.

I made…

a scarf for Amy to wear to school. A present for Mothers Day. And I’ve making plenty of meals and goodies in the kitchen.

I planned…

our holiday to Surfers Paradise and finalized plans for our Disneyland/Alaskan trip.

By the pool

I celebrated…

Amy 12’s Birthday


Mothers Day


the Puppies birthday and Easter (chocolate is always a good reason to celebrate)

I dreamed…

of the girls being organised and keeping their stuff tidy, of our Alaskan trip and spending time with Kevin, of my hands and feet no longer hurting.

Odds and Sodds…

I did hardly any exercise – with having sore feet and a bad fall off my bike. Just getting back to it at the end of Autumn.

I got an exercise bike and set up the spare room to be used for working out, and sewing.

I fell in love with Legend, the alpaca.


We got a new fridge.

We ordered a new lounge.

We ordered new cars.

I dressed as Sue Sylvestor for Amy’s Glee Party.

Everyone had a good dose (or two) of the flu and Amy had tonsolitis for her birthday.

Both Kevin and I had a miriad of tests for various ailments – the joy of getting older.

I had two visited to Jamberoo Action Park before it closed for the season.

And I totally loved seeing signs of Autumn when we visited Canberra and the Highlands.






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Summer 10/11

On the last weekend in Summer it’s time to do another seasonal review. It’s amazing to realize that Christmas and the December madness was only 2-3 months ago – seems like forever now. We’ve a  great Summer – lots of fun family times and lots of lazy days at home.

I travelled to…

Canberra – with Kevin to celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary.


Salamander Bay for a weeks holiday with Nan & Pop & the girls.


the Southern Highlands to spend a day visiting various farms. The highlight was the dairy and meeting the baby cows.

Being eaten by a calf :-)

I listened to…

Christmas music in December, kids playing LOUDLY in the pool, the girls singing along with Glee karaoke, sounds from World of Warcraft & Kinnect and lots of Glee songs (played and sang).

I read…

J.D.Robbs Naked in Death (finally, it came out in 1995) and really enjoyed it. This also means I don’t have to wait for the next 33 books to be written. I also read books 2 & 3, the new Susan Elizabeth Philips and a handful of other great romances. On the non-fiction front I read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.

I watched…

the whole of season 1 of Glee and some of the Winter X Games. We saw Megamind ,Gnomeo & Juliet and No Strings Attached at the movies. We also enjoyed the Prince of Persia and a handful of other movies at home. I also watched Christy race at the school swimming carnival and perform on stage in the mall, and Amy receive her Dux of the School award. We also watched Billy Connelly in concert and a number of games of basketball at the WEC (one game even in a courtside box).


I wore….

my new coloured glass necklace (that I bought for myself for Christmas) and the new Fossil handbag (that Mum bought me for Christmas). Of course, Crocs were on my feet almost every day. I also wore a new haircut at the end of Summer 🙂 and some sunburn on holidays:-(.

New hair cut

I scrapped…

my December Daily album and some layout for a Big Picture Class. Once the girls went back to school I started doing layouts on a more regular basis. My scrapbook room also got a major tidy up and resort.

Scrapbook room updated (again)

I made….

plenty of Christmas goodies, a vegetarian Christmas lunch, vegan enchiladas and vegan cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.


I planned…

new back to school routines for the girls and I, a family holiday to Surfers Paradise and a revised budget (which I’m not doing very well at sticking to). I also helped Amy with the planning of her birthday party (to be held next Friday).

I celebrated…

our 18th Wedding Anniversary, Amy graduating High School, Nan’s 65th Birthday, Kevin’s 40th, Christmas and Australia Day and Valentine’s Day.

With the Birthday boy

I dreamed….

of cooler days (on the stinking hot ones) and our trip to Alaska in June.

Odds and sodds….

I had 3 blogging buddy meet ups – Lisa, Kerrie & Paola.

I had a lovely 6 week break from the normal school routine

Amy started High School & is loving it and Christy started year 4

Our vegetable garden grew, was harvested and then put to rest (for a bit)

The girls attended a Sports Camp in Berry for 3 nights

Amy and I switched to a mainly vegan diet

We got a new budgie named Charlie

Kevin and Christy made homemade pasta for the first time

We started going roller skating on a more regular basis (again) and the girls started dance lessons (including Scottish Highland dance)

The girls had a fun day hanging out with their cousins at their Grandpa’s farm

Kevin headed to the USA for a brief 5 days for a training course

Fudgie and Charlie

Spring 2010

Time for another seasonal update. Spring was rather uneventful – in a good way. Lots of time at home, balanced with plenty of fun times out.

I travelled to….

Sydney…. to climb the harbour bridge

Harbour bridge climb

and Bowral for the tulip festival

Tulip festival

I listened to….

the new  Bruce Springsteen album – The Promise ,the kids arguing over silly little things and scrapbook podcasts.

I read….

Eyewitness Travel – Alaska and a run of not-so-great romance novels

I watched….

the latest Harry Potter (Gold Class), the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Despicable Me at the movies. At home we watched a few series including The Mentalist, Lie to Me, final season of The Tudors, and Modern Family.  When Kevin was in the States Amy and I watched all 3 Twilight movies.

We took the girls to see the musical Fame up in Sydney.


I wore…

my new camera bag, Crocs most days, and make-up whenever I left the house (trying to make a bit more of an effort with my appearance),


I scrapped….

the whole of our UK trip – consisting of 3 albums. Also got quiet a few pages done for other albums. I completed LOAD (layout a day) in October and attended a scrapbook afternoon and a weekend away.

Picture Spring - 23rd October

I made….

coconut date balls (yummy and healthy!!), eton mess with mango (for friends), and banana muffins.

Date & coconut balls

I planned…

the vegetable garden (and got all the seedlings planted), our Alaskan flights and worked on plans for our motorhome portion of our trip.


I celebrated…

Christy’s 9th Birthday, Fathers Day, Amy finishing her 2 years in the Academically gifted class, and Halloween with our annual Halloween Party.


I dreamed….

of Christmas and of finally getting some warm sunny days

Odd and sods…

I had to get a new passport due to water damage (and I’d just gotten a new one last year)

The girls started attending roller skating lessons again

I enjoyed 2 weeks school holidays at home with the girls

Amy got glasses for reading

Basketball season started

The girls had their school fun day

We went on a few family bikes rides

And we put up the Christmas tree and started decorating the house.


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