Day 6 – Outlet & Target Shopping

I was up about 5.30am – in time to see a bit of the sunrise (really hoping we’ll get to see to nice ones on the cruise. I bet by now you’ll know that we had a lazy morning.

We headed about shortly before 11am, stopping to take some photos of the other side of the building view – towards the Rio (whose carpark you can see)…

and of the pool, which is sadly too cold to swim in….

We caught an uber of the the South Premium Outlet Mall.

I did a pretty poor just taking photos today so you might want to check out my vlog to “see” more of what we (though I’m pretty sure I did a bad job of vlogging as well – seems to be hard to do when you’re shopping). Anyway, we visited quite a few stores including Kipling (both Christy and myself got new bags), the Disney store, Lane Byrant (Christy bought some Winter tops), and some other stores we didn’t buy anything in. Also bought some PJs for Kevin.

Christy and I were suffering with sore feet (already) so it was time for a break and to have some lunch. I got this delicious falafel pita and Christy got a cheese melt from Subway.

After lunch we wandered though a few more shops (most were clothing/sporting goods so we weren’t really interested in them), and then got an uber to the closest Target.

Sadly these are the only photos I took. Looks like I’ll be needing to get a lot of screenshots from my vlog to include in my photobook. It can definitely be a challenge doing both video and photos at the same time. If only Kevin and Christy were more onboard !!! Oh well at least a lot of our memories do get documented.

We spent a good hour or so exploring Target – picking up some stocking stuffers. Then getting a few food supplies to tide us over the next few days. And some for the cruise – though I realized after we should have just gotten them in Fort Lauderdale (since we’ll be picking up some drinks to take on the cruise anyway).

Before leaving we got a drink from Starbucks. I got a vegan green tea frappacino – which I really enjoyed.

Back home to our rather messy apartment. I still need to film a haul for yesterday and todays purchases so things are scattered about. I’m definitely much more relaxed about the state of things when I’m on holidays!!

Kevin decided against going to the Rewind Party this evening. He went last year and it’s really not his cup of tea. It was around the time we decided to have nice bubble bath that I recalled it was our 27th Wedding Anniversary today. I guess that’s what happens when you lose track of the date. Plus I hadn’t expected him to be home tonight.

After our lovely bath I put a frozen pizza in the oven. But it was horrid (Daiya mushroom & garlic pizza). So instead we decided to get Uber Eats and I was so excited when I saw Chef Kenny listed as one of the options as I’ve heard wonderful things about his vegan restuarant.

I wanted to try Orange “chicken” since that’s not something we get in Australia and some spring rolls. Kevin chose crispy “beef” and some fried wontons. Which meant of course that we had way too much food. We decided to just have the spring rolls and wontons (since they tend to go soggy when reheated). Both were incredible. I also tried a small bowl of the orange chicken – which I hadn’t realized would be battered and fried. It was still nice but not amazing. We have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow – which is our last day in Vegas.

Christy also had a bath tonight (we are all loving that it’s so nice and big and deep), and then had some Amy’s mac n cheese for dinner.

Kevin and I headed to bed about 9pm.

Germany – Day 22 – The LONG journey home

Amy & I were lucky enough to score an empty seat between us so it was nice to be able to spread out a bit.

Shortly after take-off we were served some dinner. Since meals are small and your body gets all out of wack on long-haul flights, I always try to eat some of each meal. Sorry the photo is so bad, but my overhead light was not working.

As soon as dinner was cleared I put on my eye mask and head phones, hit play on Enya and went to sleep. Amazingly 6 hours later I woke up. I don’t believe I’ve EVER slept so long in one go on the plane.

With just a few hours before touchdown in Bangkok, we were served some breakfast.

From the sounds of things everyone slept really well on this flight. We arrived in Bangkok around 2pm local time. Such a lovely looking airport.

We had a couple of hours free time and were lucky enough to find a trolley to load all our bags onto.

We walked around for some time, checking out all the shops. I was especially excited to find a Boots!

And some Quality Street chocolates, which are my absolute favs. I was good and bought the smaller box :-).

We stopped for a meal. It was 4pm in the afternoon, but I believe it was our lunch.

I got a juice with guava, lime, watermelon (& something else). Delicous.

Amy and I also shared 2 toasted sandwiches but my egg & cheese one was just amazing. I’m definitely going to try to re-create it at home.* (Note to self – fried egg with cheese melted over, tomato, lettuce and mayo on toasted bread).*

With full tummies we went in search of somewhere to relax (and use the free wifi) until it was time to meet back up with the group. So nice to be able to put my feet up for a bit.

There was a Dairy Queen in the terminal so of course we had to get a Blizzard (my first one ever).

One last group photo of our group reflected on the ceiling.

At 6pm we had a BIG walk to our gate, then through security again ( we’d already been through once in this airport) which meant we had to throw out the water we’d JUST bought. While waiting to board we got to enjoy a Thai sunset.

Then finally we boarded the plane for the last part of the journey home. We left about 7.30pm.

We were given drinks and nuts, and I took some Panedine (due to the fact my ankle/legs were annoying me)…

and shortly afterwards we received dinner.

I then managed to get another few hours sleep before reading for the final few hours of the trip. We got to see the sunrise…

while we enjoyed breakfast. Okay, it might seem like I ate a lot, but honestly I ate no more than 1/3-1/2 of each meal.

Almost home… after a long day & night and 30 hours worth of travelling time.

Excuse the sun flare, but after all that time this was a VERY welcome sight.

We were off the plane and through customs in record time, but then had to wait over half an hour for luggage to be unloaded. We had already said our farewells to the group so headed right out to meet my Dad who was coming to pick us up. Being early Sunday morning we had a quick run home, where we had a wonderful welcome home from Christy and the pups.
We spent the rest of the day catching up with Christy, Nan & Pop, and had takeaway Thai (fitting since we’d just come from Thailand) for lunch, a ONE hour sleep, unpacked a bit, takeaway Pizza for dinner (getting groceries tomorrow) and watched some Glee, then Got to Dance with Christy when Kevin & Amy went up to bed. I went to sleep around 10pm (only to awake at 2am … ).

Tomorrow : Back to reality…

Germany Day 21 – Last day in Germany

This morning we had the fun job of packing up all our stuff ready to depart Germany later tonight. We had breakfast and took our luggage downstairs to be stored. After waiting for everyone to be ready we finally set off for the day at 10am.

Todays destination, after a tram and train ride, the largest Technology museum in the world.

That was the good news, the bad news was we only had one hour to explore!!!! As you can imagine Kevin was quite beside himself with the time of the visit.

So Amy, Harriet and I raced around, following Kevin. He mainly wanted to see historical stuff and was quite pleased with some of his finds.

I loved seeing these models, especially since the largest one is the Saturn V, that we saw in real life at the Kennedy Space Center last year.

I also loved the early printing presses, probably because I saw how they worked in a documentary earlier this year..

Alas we hardly had time to scratch the surface of this museum before we had to leave, allowing a small amount of time to check out the gift shop. Kevin fell in love with this engine (which actually works).. but sleep deprived as I am I can’t recall the name of it. I convinced him to buy it, as he hardly ever buys any trip souvenirs.

We then had to catch a train back into town to have lunch at Munich’s largest beer hall. This was a special last German meal experience.

The meal started with some yummy soup – I think potato and leek.

What, besides the setting, was so special about this meal, you might ask?

Mind you I’m not sure I would have considered it special even when I ate meat – I always hated pigs on spits, so I’ll spare you the close up photos Kevin took. It was flambĂ©ed at the table in front of us and gravy served from the big pots. Kevin was in heaven, as he rarely eats pork (in Australia anyway).
I was excited because I finally got the try the white asparagus I’ve been seeing at the markets.

It was pretty good but I think I prefer green asparagus more. The hollandaise sauce and potatoes were really good. Amy enjoyed her meal as well. We were going to share but pretty much stuck with our own.

And there was more apple strudel for desert. Very delicious but didn’t quite have the atmosphere of our first one (outside in the Bavarian countryside).

Do you think I’d make a good bar wench?

After lunch we had a few hours free time to do some more shopping – provided we could fit it in our bags, of course.

So I got to visit a great homestore we’d kept passing (and I’d not yet had a chance to visit).

There was also a third visit to Beluga chocolates and this time we stayed for afternoon tea.

I just had a tea (with some chocolate, of course) but the girls had these amazing hot chocolates.

There was some last minute souvenir shopping by Harriet. Unfortunately, besides for Christy and my parents, we had no room to bring back souvenirs for anyone else. I feel really bad but you saw the size of our suitcases and I didn’t want to waste money on cheap, junky (little) souvenirs (which is mostly what we found).
But do you think we should have bought this hat?

I did however manage to find a necklace (by a German brand I’d first seen back in Rothenberg – all those weeks ago) for myself. Be sure to check out my haul video when it’s posted – or you might be able to spot it in tomorrows photos.

We saw this cute little dog, which looked like a miniture Golden, that we’d seen earlier.

Turns out it belongs to a homeless woman so we went back to give them 5 euro. We have homeless people in Australia but not beggers as such – people kneeling holding out hats for donations of money – quite a few of which we’ve seen around Germany (esp. in Salzburg and Munich).
Of course, I was allowed to pat the puppy. She must have been happy with her money because we saw her headed off elsewhere shortly afterwards.

We met and caught the train & tram back to the youth hostel for the last time, then collected our luggage and helped the kids weigh and re-sort their luggage (some of them were very overweight). Then it was onto the coach for the trip to Munich airport. We were here 45mins before check in even opened and had fun trying to hold our groups spot in the line.

We roused on one lady who pushed through some suitcases, and claimed she was travelling alone with her kids and just putting the suitcases there (in front of us). So we felt bad. She ended up JUST behind our group (having queue jumped quite a few other people). Any guesses how old her kids turned out to be? They were adults!!! I really could not believe the nerve of her. So rude. And I’d even apologised to her for how we reacted to her jumping the line.

After check in opened and we finally got through the line (without any further incident) we had time to go get some dinner. Amy, Kevin and I ended up at a lovely restaurant, where we had the most beautiful meal.

We shared two dishes, which was a good choice as they were rather big serves.

We gathered together again and went through security. Some more shopping time and finally to our gate, where unfortunately our plane was delayed due to some technical issues….

It didn’t really matter to us as we had a long wait ahead at Bangkok airport anyway.

Eventually we boarded and left 2 hours behind schedule, just before midnight. As you can imagine, it had been a rather long day.

Tomorrow : The long journey home

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