Plans gone astray

It was  a beautiful Sunday here – definitely more Summer than Autumn. I started the day with what else but a cup of tea and a piece of banana cake :-). Everyone played on their computer until Amy decided she would make us breakfast. How lucky am I? It’s not even Mothers Day till next Sunday.


She made us scrambled eggs, tinned spaghetti and toast. Served on our special plates :-).


We had planned to go on a bike ride and have lunch out but at about 11am I started feeling icky in the stomach and a bit light-headed. I had some cruskits with cottage cheese to see if that helped.


It didn’t – so I tried some chocolate – thinking maybe some sugar might do the trick. It didn’t work either so we decided to stay in for the day.


I didn’t really feel like eating but made myself have a salad (featuring falafel and homemade hummus) around 2pm.


I did start to feel better which was good. I was able to enjoy some afternoon tea.


We put on Avatar to watch and the girls decided they wanted popcorn. I wasn’t go to have any (since I’d already had the above) but it smelled good so I had a little bowl.



Drizzled with a bit of melted butter…


We ended up having a late dinner. It was new recipe tonight – tofu & noodle stir-fry – which was a bit too fiddly for a Sunday night. Amy didn’t like it. I thought it was okay. Kevin really enjoyed it.


Made a cup of tea to have in bed with an orange chocolate bar.


Great start to the weekend

Thankfully I woke up this morning WITHOUT a headache and managed to stay headache free all day. As soon as I awoke and saw the brilliant orange streaks of the sunrise, I launched out of bed and got ready to go for a walk. Unfortunately by the time everyone was ready (the dogs and Amy) and we got down to the lake we missed the best part of the sunrise but it was still lovely none-the-less. And still so warm for late April.



When we got back I had a glass of water and read blogs for a bit before going and doing the Red Carpet Ready session I missed yesterday. I did SASE – strong again. Next week I need to kick things up a bit I think. Post workout I enjoyed a green smoothie.


Played on the computer much of the morning, in addition to doing things like getting dinner started in the crockpot and making an oat slice (a new recipe).


I had a late breakfast with the family. Only ate half though as the bread had that frozen taste it sometimes gets from the freezer.


Around 11am I had a handful of grapes…


then enjoyed the other half of my smoothie on the way to my book group.


Lunch at book group is often pizza – which it was today. Despite the smoothie at 12pm I was getting hungry again by the time pizza arrived at 1.30pm. I had two pieces of the veggie one. Should have only had one as the pizza today was rather oily and I didn’t feel great after the second piece. I was too self conscious to take a photo – until I found myself alone in our meeting room – luckily there was still one piece left to photograph :-). Yuck – look at the grease – they aren’t normally that bad!


Got home just after 3.30pm and put together an afternoon snack to enjoy with Kevin. I’m not real keen on store-bought dips (except hummus) but this roast capsicum one was rather nice. However, after looking more closely at the ingredient list (compared to the hummus) I’m not sure I’ll be buying it again.


Since we’d had a substantial afternoon snack we didn’t end up eating dinner until 7pm. Unfortunately the crockpot meal was a big flop. After cooking for 8 hours the potato was still not cooked through. Oh, well, at the least the dogs will have a yummy dinner tomorrow night. Instead I whipped up a quick substitute of brown rice, falafels, pineapple and hummus. Kevin then proceeds to tell me he’s getting a bit sick of falafel??? Surely that can’t be possible :-).


The night was spent putting the final touches on this blog before making it’s introduction to the WWW. Around 9pm I enjoyed a small bowl of vanilla ice-cream with a  small amount of chocolate flake on top. Yum! This is about a 1/4 of the bowl I used to have and I enjoyed every bite and did not feel one bit deprived.


Finally I enjoyed a cup of tea. I was tempted to have a chocolate but realized I didn’t need one and I’d already enjoyed my ice-cream so left it at that.

*** Oh, and the oat slice didn’t quite work out. It’s rather soft but should still be edible.