Crazy Tuesday

Ooops, I stayed up too late last night reading and while I woke up at 5am, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake again until nearly 7am!!! Too late for the walk I had planned, esp. when I had to be out the door at 8.15am. After getting ready I sat to eat breakfast with the girls. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to made a bowl of muselli. But I wasn’t really in the mood and only ate a few spoonfulls.


When I got back from uniform shop just after 9am I made a green smoothie. Yummy as always.


After watching some of the launch of I want my bikini body, I headed out to get the groceries. I made a short grocery haul video if you want to see what I got.

It was then time for some lunch – which was pita bread with hummus, a lentil patty and some sprouts. Yummy and so full of goodness.


I packed a banana (and sandwiches for the girls) to take in the car to eat on the way to this afternoons appointment.


Then because it was a crazy afternoon I bought a choc bar which I had on the way home.


Back home eventually I made myself a cup of tea which I had with some healthy handfuls. Feeling a bit stressed with the way the afternoon had turned out.  Of course then I didn’t get hungry until 7pm and since it was just Christy and me for dinner I made some cheese on toast.


Probably not one of my best food days – but not too bad considering how crazy it ended up.


I had a great start to the morning. I’ve been really enjoying my early morning walks with the dogs and my heal spurs have been behaving so I’m going to try walking every day and see how things go. In order to still fit my Red Carpet Ready workouts in I’m going to split them up – doing upper body one day and lower body the next. Today was lower body. This will give me more cardio while not missing out on the strength training. Felt great when I was finished. Of course, that meant it was green smoothie time. Sorry Bailey – no leftovers for you today.


Didn’t really like finding my kitchen like this….but at least it was all clean…


Both the girls weren’t feeling the best this morning so I ended up driving them to school. When I got back I had a couple of cruskits with spreadable cheese and a cup of tea, then got on with cleaning the house.


With cooler night forecast later in the week I decided it would be a good day to put the loungeroom into Winter mode and drag out the gas heater.


I was feeling a bit flat today and continually couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat. Unfortunately I spotted the box of chocolate dipped tiny teddies. It started with a handful for morning tea….


we won’t talk about how many more handfuls were consumed throughout the day.

Couldn’t decide what I really wanted to for lunch so just made a salad – todays featured some leftover marinated tofu, pinenuts and squirt of mayonnaise.



Followed a bit later by tea and chocolate. It is that time of month so maybe that’s why I was a bit more munchy today.


After picking up the girls from school I made some pikelets. Trying to do something right I had a couple of corn thins with hummus…


before having some pikelets with jam and cream :-).


Dinner tonight was lentil patties with cauliflower and corn. Delicious!


Marmalade from Italy???

Up and at ’em this morning with a Red Carpet Ready I Want my Bikini Body workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done a full program so it was rather challenging and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Val is getting ready to launch a new program and if you follow the link you can see some free videos.

Following my workout I made a green smoothie for Kevin and myself. As usual my GS buddy was close at hand.


After Christy left for school I made a cup of tea and decided on a Scottish breakfast of marmalade on toast.


So you can imagine my suprise when I saw my marmalade was from Italy!!!


I did lots of jobs this morning, including cleaning a rug which I left outside in the sun to dry. The dogs seemed to think I’d put it there just for them and I found them lying on it quite a bit throughout the day.

Pups on rug

Around 11am I had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


…which meant I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 1pm. In the meantime I found a couple of new recipes to try as I had 4 bananas to use up. I made a banana date loaf and banana choc chip muffins (but I had to substitute white choc chips).


For lunch I made a carrot & apple coleslaw I’d seen on carrots ‘n’ cake.  I put it over my normal salad (with egg). It was quite nice but I’d rather have my normal salad.


Afterwards I tried one of the muffins – very yummy!

By 4pm I was feeling rather tired and my back was VERY sore so I headed into the loungeroom so I could sit with my feet up. I enjoyed a bowl of rockmelon.


And a piece of the banana date loaf. This was okay but not that nice – don’t think I’d make it again.


I was supposed to make a vegetable hot pot tonight but decided to make something easier – lentil patty burgers. Patty from the freezer, some fried onions…


…. on a slice of bread with BBQ sauce, beetroot, tomato and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Delicious!


I hadn’t planned on having anything after dinner but as Christy was wanting ice-cream I decided to dish up a small bowl for myself 🙂