Bread filled Tuesday

I don’t mind the cold weather of Winter but boy do I find it hard to get going in the mornings – which you know if VERY unusual for me.I was going so slow this morning I even had a great deal of trouble deciding what I wanted for breakfast.  We were out of all bread – except for homemade white, had no eggs (our chickens are barely laying) and I wanted something warm. I really felt like an ommelette but that was out of the question. Eventually I decided on cheese on toast. It was very nice but would have been much better on grain bread.



I had quite a few erands to run today and headed out just before 10am. Of course, by the time it got to 11am I was rather hungry, and not organised enough to have bought a snack with me. So I once again resorted to Gloria Jeans and their delicious Iced Chocs. One small skim iced chocolate with no cream coming up. No photo but I’ve had enough of these lately you know what they look like.

I finished off my errands, which included picking up a few grocery items, and headed home.

I enjoyed yesterdays salad so much I decided to go with a repeat, with a slice of fresh country grain bread.


Got a few more chores attended to this afternoon, which included a sandwich snack. Some days I don’t eat bread at all but today I sure made up for it.


Tonights dinner was really rather pathetic. I’m cramming a lot into the days, tired by night-time and wanting to use up food, plus we didn’t have much in the way of fresh veggies. So I present – veggie snitzel, veggie fingers and corn. Pathetic I tell you. Lucky I had that salad at lunch.


A couple of hours later Kevin was kind enough to make me a cup of tea, which I enjoyed with a few chocolates.



The countdown is on

I decided to skip doing my food blog until after our trip as things seem to be getting busy around here as the countdown continues. Plus food might be a bit boring as we try and use up what’s already in the house. But I’ve changed my mind…for now…

It’s so cold in the mornings now that I keep putting off my workouts. Instead I’ve decided to move them till later in the day. So this morning I got up and started the day reading blogs while enjoying a cup of tea.

Breakfast was spaghetti on toast. Perfect on this cold morning.


Once the girls headed off to school I got started on todays chores – which included cleaning upstairs with a thorough clean of both bathroom and our bedroom. It took me till nearly 1pm with a break around 10.3oam for a green smoothie.


Boy was I glad to sit and enjoy my lunch – salad with a lentil pattie and roast garlic dressing.


Tired as I was I still managed to find some energy to take the dogs on a walk. This afternoon I got a few more jobs done, made some fresh bread for the girls and more of those healthy cookies.

My afternoon snack was some slightly stale protein crisps.


Dinner tonight was chili con carne (made with TVP) served with some tortilla chips. Topped with a bit of cheese and some low-fat sour cream. Yum!


Lastly I enjoyed a cup of tea and two of the cookies.



Sweet Saturday

So glad I’m almost 100% again – just have a runny nose and a bit of a cough. Got up just before 7am and headed to the gym for a cardio workout. Did 20mins on the elliptical and 10min on the bike. Came home and had some cruskits with spreadable cheese.


A few hours later I made some breakfast. Today we (well Kevin and I) had scrambled eggs, baked beans and mushrooms.



We had been going to go on an adventure walk today but the girls were bickering so we decided not to bother. Instead we had a day at home – and I pretty much finished off plans for our trip.

The others had a jaffle for lunch but I opted for a salad with falafel and hummus.


I definitely had a case of the muchies with afternoon/evening :-(.



Dinner was Sweet Bean Burritos. Yum!



More snacking…



and at least two or three of these…


Sleepy Sunday

A very lazy day in our house – mainly because Kevin is suffering with the man flu :-). Unfortunately I’ve got a sore throat but I’m hoping it won’t come to anything more. It was strange waking up this morning and knowing I didn’t have to do any exercise. I actually thought about going for a walk but decided not to (mainly because all my workout clothes were downstairs in the laundry 🙂 ). Instead I played on the computer and enjoyed some hot tea. With my second tea I had some cruskits with spreadable tea. Which meant the family decided they wanted breakfast an hour later I wasn’t hungry!! Just a week ago I would have eaten just for the sake of it but today I enjoyed another tea while they ate.


Around 10am I made a green smoothie for myself and Kevin. We were a little low on spinach today and I added some mango so it’s a bit lighter than normal. Still tasted good though.



I was feeling a bit peckish around 11am so had some corn thins with cottage cheese.


I made some pumpkin soup which both Amy & Kevin had for lunch.


I opted for a salad to get in plenty of nutrition. I didn’t enjoy it as much as normal – I think because my throat is sore.


A short while later I had yet more tea and a dark orange choc.


For my afternoon snack I had another Tropical muffin and tea. Although I’ve drank lots of tea today I’ve also tried to drink plenty of water. But the tea is very soothing for my throat.

Dinner tonight was an easy one – cheese on toast.


I felt like some ice cream to sooth my sore throat but instead I had a lozenger :-). Later, when I headed to bed, I made a cup of tea. Kevin was kind enough to give me one of his dark chocolate buds. I didn’t say no :-).