Week 3 Weigh In & Start of school holidays

¬†Funnily enough this time last year I started my first attempt at BFL. I had picked up the book a few times but put it back as yet another gimick I would not be able to follow. I am a long time Weight Watcher and when I started at the gym nearly 3 years ago and fell in love with weight lifting I started fitness magazines and thought clean eating/ BFL might be more liveable for me. However, back to a year ago. I was doing BFL strictly by the book and being a lacto-ovo vegetarian found it just too restictive. I lasted about 4 weeks. This time around I have moved lentil and legumes into the protein category which gives me a LOT more choices for meal times, and after 3 weeks I am still going strong and definitely not bored with meals. A quote that has helped me is “progress not perfection” as I am real perfectionist when it comes to “diets” – which is obviously why I kept failing at them. Another quote I recently came across and love is “Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the next time.” I have this pinned on my board right beside my comupter.

I am about to start free day at the end of week 3 and am pleased to say the scales are finally reflecting my commitment to clean eating (Oh, and I did indeed only have one piece of pizza yesterday and I didn’t even enjoy it that much – will pass next time). This week I was down¬† 1.8kg (3.1lbs) for a total of 2.4kg ( 5.3lbs). This coming week I am going to do BFL workouts by the book as I’ve been a lax with my cardio. I also need to cut down my gym time with the kids home from school.


Well, I enjoyed my free day yesterday (and best of all was down 1.8kg for the week). Went for a drive to the country and had lunch out, bought some fudge at the local markets, and had bean nachos at home for dinner. Right back to it this morning (monday). Decided I’m going to go to the gym when it opens at 6.30am to do my cardio (dh will stay home to watch the girls). Felt good to get it over and done with – though funny cause I’m so used to going mid-morning. Instead I’ve decluttered and cleaned the family room.