Outback Adventure – day 3 – reunited with an old friend

Had a wonderful day. I got up around 6.30am and read for a bit. Kevin headed off on his bike to Melbourne for a ride and buy himself a warm jacket (it’s very cold here). The girls played at the park and I joined them to do some exercises.

adrienne & I

At around 11.30am my friend Adrienne came to pick me up. I’ve know Adi for around 9 years I think it must be. We met online and then have met in real life a number of times when I’ve come down to Melbourne. I haven’t seen her in 4 years so it was wonderful to catch up in real life. The years just slipped away and it was just like we had chatted the other week. After a tour around Ballarat, we stopped for coffee/hot chocolate and chatted, then went to the Fine Art Gallery. Neither of us were that impressed but we did like a “few” pieces. We then had a lovely lunch at a cute little Italian cafe. I had a very delicious pasta with cheese & brocolli sauce. Finally we had a wander around a local shopping center but being late on a Sunday afternoon a lot of the shops were closed, then a cup of tea back at our cabin. We were together for 5.5 hours and chatted and laughed the entire time. I so wish I lived closer to Adi so we could spend more time together. We just get on so well. Oh, well, at least I’ll get to see her again when I come to Melbourne next Feb.

The girls, Kevin, Nan & Pop went to Kryall Castle. They all seemed to have a good time.

IMG_4713 IMG_4739

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  1. Chantel says:


    What a cool advenute you are going on, can’t wait to read about it. How cool you met Adi!!!


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