Outback Adventure – Day 4 – Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill

Managed a bit of a sleep in this morning till 6.30am. Had an easy morning and left just before 10am for Sovereign Hill. This is a 1850s real life museum set at one of Australia’s biggest gold fields. We had a great day and found all the staff (dressed in period costumes) to be very helpful and full of information about the gold rush days.

The girls enjoyed panning for gold and going for a ride on the horse and cart.

Panning for gold IMG_1119

It was very cold day and it was nice to stop inside for lunch and warm up.


The snow on main street was fun and later the girls enjoyed the snow slide and playing in the man-made snow. Mind you it seemed cold enough to be really snowing.

We left around 3.30pm and headed back to the cabin to warm up. Later tonight we head back to see the Blood on the Southern Cross show.

LATER : The show was really great. It was very cold but we were expecting that.

All rugged up for Blood on the Southern Cross

2 thoughts on “Outback Adventure – Day 4 – Sovereign Hill

  1. Hi Lib Kevin Amy Christy David & Linda.

    Hope your all having a ball. Hows life in the van going…gets a bit close sometimes.
    What did you think of Ballarat?? Was the Blood on the Cross show good?
    Hows Kevins bum going ( NO PICTURES OF IT REQUIRED HAHA) from sitting on the bike all day? Numb from the cold and numb from no circulation.

    Great to be able to catch up on your adventure.

    With Love Sean Kay Em & Mason

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