Nelsons Bay – the last few days

On Thursday I was up early and headed out on another hill walk. Came back nice and hot. Checked blogs and e-mail while waiting for Nan & Pop to get up. Then some breakfast sitting out on the balcony (where we have had ALL our meals).

At 9.45am the girls and I headed out to to Tomaree National Park to meet an old internet friend, Kerrie and her son, Billy for the very first time. It really did feel like we’ve known each other for ever – which I guess we have – Kerrie thinks we’ve been online friends for over 6 years!!!!

Kerrie & Libby

We went on a guided tour with Ranger Jo to examine animal poo (of all things) and trails. The kids all hit it off and had a great time. Despite a bit of drizzle we all enjoyed the tour and learnt some new things.

National Parks tour National Parks tour National Parks tour

The orgingal plan had been to have a picnic lunch and then head to the beach but it was too rainy and cool for that. Instead Billy had the great idea to go to Fighter World.

When we arrived there were fighter planes training take off and landing which was fun (and noisy) to watch. We had our homemade lunches in the cafe (after ordered some hot chips), and then visited the museum. The kids loved climbing into the cockpits and seeing the various models but they really needed someone with a bit more knowledge than either Kerrie or I have to tell them about the things they were seeing.

Fighter plane landing Christy & Billy in the cockpit Amy in the cockpit Kids at Fighter World

Kerrie and I were very tempted to leave the kids strapped into these harnesses and go off for a coffee, but unfortunately the kids couldn’t work out how to strap themselves in.

The kids at Fighter World

It was starting to rain again when we left so we decided to say our farewells and head home. It was so great meeting Kerrie and Billy and we’ll definitely be visiting with them again next time we’re in the area.

When we got back to the apartment we headed right back out again to do a bit of shopping at Salamander. Amy got some new PJS, Christy new school shoes and I even got a few tops (and a new pair of Crocs to replace a broken pair).

Back at the apartment we had dinner and enjoyed another beautiful sunset.

Friday, our last day, so sad. I got up this morning and did my red carpet ready workout. Mum & Dad were already up when I finished and having breakfast, so I missed out on doing yoga this morning. Afterwards we headed to Fingal Beach – it’s supposed to be a surf beach but it was totally flat today.

Swimming at Fingal Bay Christy at Fingal Bay

We had a relaxing for hours, swimming, reading, people watching and playing before heading back to the apartment for lunch. Then we headed into Nelson’s Bay for a last little look at the shops (the ones we’d missed the other day) and an ice-cream. It’s very hot today so the ice-cream was very appreciated.

Afternoon ice-cream

Back at the apartment we headed down for a swim (unfortunately I forgot to take the camera).  The remainder of the day was spent reading, before we had a yummy dinner (that I made) of frittata with sweet potato and cheese (trying to use up as many leftovers as possible).

It’s now Saturday morning and I’m typing this up while I wait for Nan & Pop to wake up. Then it’s be getting ready, having breakfast and packing to go home (although I did get a start on this yesterday). It’s been a great vacation and I could happily stay a few more days (though it will be nice to see Kevin and the pups again).

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