Amy with Patrick and Spongebob

Another early morning – just after 5am today. A couple cups of tea and blog reading until around 7am when I finally felt motivated to get dressed and head to the gym. Today I did 10min on the bike, 5 on the rower and 5 on the eliptical. When I got back to the apartment Amy wanted to go for a swim so we all headed down. Kevin went off to get some coffee and the girls and I dived in the pool. It was cool but very refreshing (esp. after my workout). When we’d had enough we sat and read in the sun for while. I enjoyed a cup of tea and sweet chilli scroll Kevin had bought me for breakfast.  We went back to the room around 9am and I showered and got ready for our day at Dreamworld.

We arrived at the park shortly after it opened and, after buying a hat for Christy, headed to the River Rapids. While waiting in the line we read about Q4U – you get a beeper type thing and can enter the ride you want and after the appropriate waiting time it will buzz and you can head to the ride (without have to queue up). We went on the rapid ride and got a bit wet, then went to rent our Q4U buzzer. What a great idea. It was $30 (for a family of 4) and would have saved us around 1.5 -2 hours of waiting time. Well worth it in our opinion, even though the park wasn’t esp. busy.


Next we went on Mick Doonans Motorcoaster (a favourite from last year). Then Kevin & Amy did Tower of Terror, while Christy and I visited Tiger Island. With only 10min to the show on tigers we decided to hang around. And it was so good – tigers showing their natural behaviours. I don’t think I’ve seen the show before (if I have it was many, many, many years ago) and I’m so glad we got to this time. The girls loved it too.

IMG_6968 Tiger in for a swim

We were now pretty hungry so after a ride on the kids rollercoaster we got some lunch. I wanted something healthy so got a ploughman’s salad. It came with a large serving of meat, which I gave to Kevin, so I was left with this.

Pickings from a ploughmans salad

It doesn’t look to appealing but it was rather nice. Kevin had fried chicken and some of Amy’s pizza and felt quite ill not long after. While Christy played in the ball area Amy & Kevin did The Claw a number of times.

Playing a game

We then headed to Nickoldeon Central where the “kids” rode the new ride Spongebob Flypants and the other rides.

Spongebob Flypants

We went for another ride on the motorcoaster, then back the river rapids and the log ride, on which we got very wet.

Very wet after the log ride

Then Kevin & Amy went on the Giant Drop.

The Giant DropThe Giant Drop

Time for a snow cone.

Snow cones Snow cones

Then onto the last ride using the “cheat” as Christy called it – the Cyclone and some of Christy’s favourite rides.

As is a family tradition we ended the day with a sundae from the the ice cream palour. Kevin & I  shared one. Amy had a Coke float and Christy played in the nearby train.

Our tradition - ice cream sundaes Ice cream sundae

We browsed through the shops and Christy fell in love with a HUGE tiger and bought it with her own spending money. We been very proud at how both girls have handled their money this vacation.

Admiring all the tigers

Time to leave as the park was now officially closed.

Christy and her new tiger

We had a bit of a slow trip home (we leaving on peak hour) and arrived back shortly before 6pm. We reheated last nights leftover for dinner, blogged for a bit while watching The Incredibles and all headed to bed by 8.30pm for an early night.

Tomorrow : Half day at Seaworld

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  1. Yum that banana split looks good 🙂

    What a great idea about the queueing thing! I’ll have to remember that when we go up – hopefully next year.

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