Wet ‘n’ Wild Part 2

Surfers Paradise

Despite today wet weather forecast when we woke up around 5am there was no rain to be seen (though we had had some overnight). Oh, and we ended up starting Earth Hour at 8.00pm and headed to bed at 8.30pm (where I turned a light on so I could read for a whole 15mins before I fell asleep).

A change of routine this morning – I lazed in bed with my cup of tea and a magazine till 7am when I moved to the laptop. Didn’t feel inspired to exercise (and couldn’t make myself).

After doing a tidy of the apartment and packing our bags for the day we headed off for another at Wet n Wild. We claimed the same seat we had the other day and headed off to do some slides. Amy and Kevin got to ride Surf Rider for the first time (it’s been closed every other time we’ve been here) but they weren’t that impressed.

Christy and I headed to Calypso Bay (lazy river) and did a few laps before being joined by Amy & Kevin. Next was the family raft ride. Then the kids played in Bucanneer Bay for a while.

IMG_7087 Wet n wild

Lunch today was a salad wrap. It was rather yummy, though I could only eat half.

Lunch at wet 'n' wild IMG_7097

The girls played the rest of the afternoon and went on various waterslides.

Calypso Bay

Kevin relaxed and I read some magazines.

Kevin trying to sleep

Around 3.30pm Christy was too cold – her lips were starting to turn blue. So we all got changed and left the park.

On the way home we stopped at the play park we visited the other morning. The girls rode their scooters on the bike track and played on the all fun equipment.

Fun at the park Bike Track Watching the kids play Let's ride The kids on the swing

Then it was back to the apartment. I unpacked, the girls had a bath. After I post this I’ll be making falafel wraps for dinner and later we’ll be watching So you think you can dance again.

Tomorrow : Our last day (sob) – Infinity and shopping at Pacific Fair

1 Comment to “Wet ‘n’ Wild Part 2”

  1. By Chantel, March 29, 2009 @ 10:09 pm

    Looks like a fun few days Libby! I have always wanted to go to Tiger Island – sounds amazing.

    What a bugger your holiday is almost over, the day to leave always comes around too quickly doesn’t it.

    Hope you drive home safely. Wave to my mum when you drive past…lol