Western Australia – Day 11

Us with 4wd

After a bit of a rough night with Amy’s coughing, we had an early start and were out the door before 6.30am. The sun wasn’t even up and it was cold out.

Our 4 wheel drive, driven by Macca of West Trek Safari Tours arrived shortly after and we were off on our adventure. We started with a visit to Shothole Canyon. It was beautiful here as the sun was just hitting the top of the canyon.


Then it was onto Charles Knife Road Canyon. This was a bit like a mini Grand Canyon.



Next was a cave – the girls and Pop went to explore. Pop took some photos but they are on Nan’s camera.


Then morning tea.


Back on the road to see a dry billabong and driving along a lot of track that looked like this.


We saw a bush turkey and lots of termite mounds (some of which are around 300 years old and still active)

Bush turkey

Christy ended up riding in the front with Nan because she got car sick. Going down the other side of Cape Range was lots of fun – very rough – the girls loved it.


Eventually we ended up back on the main road and drove to Yowie Creek. We were supposed to have a cruise in the gorge but it had been cancelled due to the wind. It was a pretty spot.


Next was our lunch stop – can you imagine anything more beautiful.




We were served lovely salad (mine was vegetarian)



After filling our tummys we visited a couple of bays, stopping in Turquoise Bay for a snorkel but it was too rough so we decided to skip this. Lovely spot though.

At the beach

Lots of flowers to be seen today – Macca seemed to know them all.


Some kind of bluebell

Euro Kangaroos…

Two roos

We saw blind fish down an old well. Apparantly these are more protected than the whales. You can just make them out – the little silver streaks.

Look closely and you'll see some blind fish

We also saw some fossilized coral…

Fossilized coral

some kangaroo bones (which Christy made me take a photo of)

Kanagaroo bones

and a fossilized shark tooth.

Girls with the shark tooth fossil

Shark tooth fossil

Before leaving the National Park we stopped at the visitors center for a look around and to have some afternoon tea.

Then was onto Vlamingh Lighthouse for our last stop of the day.


From here you get a great view of the Ningaloo Reef.

what a view

Ocean view

It was such a fantastic tour and I can’t begin to share with you all that we learnt today. Macca did not stop sharing his vast knowledge the whole day and talk about eagle eyed – he spotted so much as he was driving us around. Definitely well worth the money. Here’s a photo of Macca and the girls.

Girls with Macca

We arrived back at the cabin at 5pm. Christy went off to play at the park while the rest of us had some afternoon tea. Then Dad & Amy went to the shops. Christy went off to watch the camp movie.  Later we ordered some pizza for dinner. Whilst Nan & Pop were gone I rang the local hospital and we decided to take Amy is because she had either bites or a rash and was terribly itchy. After eating our pizza – which was delicious – I took her in. Turns out it was midges and she’s had a reaction to them. Some medicine given we retuned home about an hour later.

Nan & Pop said Christy had a great time at the movie and went to bed very happy. Amy has sat up for bit and now gone off to bed a lot less itchy. I’ll be posting this then heading to bed myself as it’s now 10.30pm. It’s been a rather long but most enjoyable and very special day.

In parting here’s a photo of my crazy monkey up near the lighthouse.


PS. They spotted the whale sharks today :-(.

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  1. Can’t believe they saw the whale sharks!!! Bummer….looks like such a wonderful trip….great memories for all of you!!!

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