Celebrating the Olympics


When the Olympics started in Bejing we had Chinese for dinner but when I went looking for a special meal to celebrate the start of the Winter Olympics in Vancover it proved a little more difficult. Most traditional meals that I found involved fish – no good for this vegetarian. Eventually I remembered having a meal at Le Cellier in Walt Disney World – the Canadian restaurant in EPCOT. We had Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. The recipe I found looked a little fiddly but then I remembered I already have a tried and true recipe for Cheesy Potato Chowder. I made some homemade bread, decorated in red and alas, we had a special “Canadian” meal which we enjoyed for lunch before settling down to watch the opening ceremony – which was spectacular. Loved that it was on a Saturday afternoon so we could all watch it together.


Then later on we enjoyed some maple cookies made with Canadian Maple Syrup (that I bought specially). Boy, were they yummy!


Kevin thought it was all a bit silly until the cookies came out :-). But the girls seemed to appreciate my efforts.


At  least the next Olympics are in London so that will be nice and easy to cater for :-).


  1. Jane says:

    Looks like soooo much fun!!! You should have told me earlier you were planning this and I could have sent you over some decorations and treats!!! I could have given you some food ideas too! You could try poutine as a savoury dish, also many potato and cheese dishes – pies especially are Canadian!! Honey is big here and so are berries!!

    Nanaimo bars are DELICIOUS and recipes can be found online – they are from Vancouver Island originally and they sell them on the ferries but you can get them all over these days and people make them!! YUMMY!!

    Butter tarts too!! People here eat those at Christmas.

    Sugar pie

    Bannock is a native food – a kind of dough that can either be fried of baked – we cook ours over the campfire in summer -yummy!! You can put cinnamon and raisins in it too or have a savoury version!

    July 1st is Canada Day (like Australia Day) so if you want to have another Canadian celebration let me know and I can send some things over 🙂

  2. vanessa says:

    What a fabulous idea Libby. I do stuff like this all the time and my hubby laughs at my antics but I secretly think he enjoys the things that Rhianna and I get up too.

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