Burrill Lakes – Day 2

Another perfect day weather wise, especially as you never know what you’ll get at Easter. We had a lazy morning since Noel had been unwell during the night. The girls played and did some craft while we chatted and enjoyed the view.


After lunch, with Noel feeling a lot better, we decided to take the boat out for a bit. We found a much better place to launch this time – the local ski club – which meant we could tow straight from our spot by water rather than have to go up and down the river for pick ups and drop offs. The downside was a shallow ramp.


We spent quite a few hours here. Everyone had a good time.




While the girls waited their turns they played with blue zinc and went off on little adventures.


I spent the time chatting with Leanne, supervising the kids, knitting and enjoying the view.



The last activity before we left was the kids just playing in the raft – which I think they enjoyed almost as when they are pulled behind the boat.


We finally packed up around 5.30pm and headed back to the cabin where we had dinner and enjoyed another sunset from our balcony.


3 thoughts on “Burrill Lakes – Day 2

  1. Looks like you are having a good time, glad the weather has been kind to you. All the animals are fine.

  2. Love that pic of all the girls doing their craft – wish we were there ourselves. Looks like a fabulous holiday spot and you’ve been so lucky with the weather.

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