A good day for a run

but not by me. Today is Christy’s cross country carnival at school.

My day started with a red carpet ready workout. I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to exercise lately so I’ve been utilitizing the SASE (short & sweet exercise) programs – today I did STONG. I still get a good workout but it only takes around 20mins.

I followed this with a green smoothie. I forgot to take a photo but funnily enough, it looked EXACTLY like yesterdays :-).

A few hours later, I had cleaned the spa room and chicken area and gotten Christy off to school. Time for a cup of tea and a wrap made of mountain bread, hummus, cheese & carrot.



More housework – this time going through all the drawers in our bedroom. Could not believe how many expired medicines Kevin had – but every time he goes on a dive trip he stocks up everything he MIGHT POSSIBLY need (as he dives in remote places). The oldest find expired in 2002!!!!!

I headed up to the school just before 12pm to watch Christy run in the cross country. Doesn’t she look hot and tired? Poor thing.


While there I had a choc nut bar and some water to hold me over until lunch.


Back home I eventually got some lunch. By now it was 1.30pm so I was rather hungry. Todays salad featured egg and those toasted pinenuts from last nights dinner (which were absolutely delicious) with a honey mustard dressing. Devoured this while watching Super Nanny.


I’m not sure where the idea came from by an hour later I was wanting an ice cream. Yum! Please excuse my chipped nail polish :-).


This afternoons snack was hummus and these very yummy veggie chips that I recently bought at our local organic shop. They are sooooo tasty.


Don’t you just love the colour of these chips?


Amy had drama at 5pm and while at the shops I picked up a skim iced chocolate from Gloria Jeans. I shared with Christy, but I had most of it :-).


Tonights dinner was an easy one as we don’t get home till around 6.15pm. We had vegetable slice (from the freezer), some baby potatoes and corn. Simple and delicious.


Later we had some of the new apple pie slice from Bakers Delight – shared between 3 :-). I forgot to take a photo but it was a bread base with apple pie filling on top. Quiet nice and I’m a sure it was a lot better than the real thing.