Time to plant the veggies

Yes, it’s Spring which means it’s time to get those vegetable seedlings in the ground.


This is what I started with. Lots of soil, weeds and a few leftover spring onions. Though surprisingly last years strawberry plants have started producing again.



The first job was weeding, then the not so fun job of raking through all the soil. This year I had to do it by hand which was tough.

Then the fun part, planting the seedlings. With being away we didn’t grow any ourselves this year so all had to be purchased. I also planted some seeds – carrots and silverbeet.

Then the last job – mulching. Of course, using straw for the strawberries.

Looks a little better doesn’t it?


The fence (used for tomatoes) is to try and keep the dogs out of the garden.




Now the hard part…being patient and waiting until things are ready to harvest…

4 thoughts on “Time to plant the veggies

  1. Hi Libby, I love posts like these. I miss my garden and growing stuff. It made me happy watching it grow. I can’t in my life right now but I look forward to the day I have my house and am settled and I can grow a garden again 🙂

    Looking forward to watching them grow! 🙂 x

  2. I guess I will enjoy your garden all winter long! Such pictures of renewal….wish we wern’t heading into fall. I love spring and summer. Hope you get some good eats for your efforts. The beds look great!


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