Day 4 – A swim in the snow

Just realized I never mentioned where we are staying. We are at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort (right on the Disney’s doorstep – you have to drive through WDW to get here). It’s actually a timeshare I rented for the amazing rate of under $100 per night and as you can see from the photos is just amazing. They have 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and the space is incredible. We are all so thrilled with this resort (if you ever want to stay here I can let you know who we booked with – absolutely no reservations about booking here again.

Anyway, onto today. I got a good nights sleep and back on early mornings again. 4.30am today – which gave me a chance to catch up on e-mails and youtube. I did read a lot of blogs on the plane and got all caught up but of course, don’t have time to leave a comment. The best thing was I got to enjoy my first Floridian sunrise.


Eventually everyone got up and we decided we’d head the water park today as it was going to be 27 deg (celsius). But first stop was Downtown Disney to try and pick up something for lunch.


We didn’t manage find anything for lunch. But we did find Wetzel’s Pretzels which I fell in love with in Disneyland last year. Of course I had to have one and it left the Mickey one yesterday in the dust.


We also found this dragon…made from Lego.


Finally we arrived at our destination.


Yes, Blizzard Beach. We did not swim in the real snow (though I confused a few friends in Australia with the following photo), but at the snow themed water park.


We checked Christy’s height. Ah, there is the missing green drink bottle (not seen since this photo)….


After a bit of shopping we found ourselves a spot at the Ski Patrol (a preteen area). Note the sign (and Christy’s new towel).


Then it was off to the chairlift for the ride to the top.



Don’t think we’ll be going on this ride! Summit Plummit.


But instead we opted for the more sedate family raft ride.


We rode twice then went for a lap of the lazy river….which goes around the entire park. Oh, I forgot to mention the water is all heated so is lovely and warm. Even though it was a warmer day it was still cool when the clouds came over.


Next Christy played in the ski patrol area while Kevin & Amy went to do some other slides.


Then it was time for lunch. Can you guess which meal is mine? You’re a winner if you guessed the salad. It was  pretty boring salad though so I only ate about 1/4 and had some hot chips (which were surprisingly nice).


Disney are great at creating little photos spots all over the parks.


We were quite excited to see this little squirrel…. you could tell we were tourists from our cries of “squirrel” (like the dog in UP).


After lunch we went on a few other rides, some of which did not agree with my older body. Then we hit the wave pool.


where I had a few brief moments of peace and quiet to relax and admire the sky.


There was more sliding for Christy, while the rest of us relaxed. Amy and Kevin had a little nap and I could feel myself nodding off from time to time. Finally at 3.30pm it was time to head home.


We returned to our room to get changed, then headed back down to Downtown Disney.


for a bit of shopping, starting in the World of Disney.


We visited quite a few shops.


Little Miss Matched.


Got a photo of the girls (they had one taken here on another visit – actually I think I’m wearing Christy in a sling).


Our final stop was Ghiradelli where we got a free sample of their peppermint bark chocolate, and quickly thought ourselves a bag. It was SO GOOD!


Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling the best so I sat down while Kevin took the girls to the Lego Store. I was sitting outside but it started to rain so I ducked inside the World of Disney before going to meet them. Doesn’t it look so pretty with all the Christmas decorations and lights?


We decided to head home and while dinner was cooking, I attended the Mum job of folding the washing.


We then enjoyed some nachos.


So yummy.


While I wrote up my blog, Christy went for a swim in the lazy river (and made a (boy)friend). Finally we were all tucked up in bed around 10pm.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – A swim in the snow

  1. so much to comment on in this post…
    I can’t believe that water park. what a strange theme but so much fun!
    i love Christy’s new towel. So cute.
    Bill and I went crazy over the squirrels when we saw them in NYC. It definitely marked us as true tourists. The stores in Downtown Disney look great. I’m getting more and more excited about our trip now that I am reading your posts.

  2. It sounds like another great day was had by all! Cute squirrel! And I love Christy’s towel too 🙂

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