Day 16 – Setting sail for the Caribbean


This morning we were able to have a sleep but as expected we were all up around 7am (except Amy who slept a bit longer). I was able to see some of the sunrise, which was lovely. In the old days (before my arthritis) I would have been up and out walking on the beach :-(. Kevin went for a drive to Dunkin’ Donuts to get some coffee and I was able to make some tea (with tea bags I bought yesterday).
By 9am we were all up and dressed and went to have our free breakfast. It was a pretty decent spread but I just had half a bagel.

After breakfast we went back to our room and finished our packing, then had some free time (taking advantage of the last free internet we’ll have for a while). At 11am we checked out and made the short 10min drive to the cruise terminael. It was hard to find our way to correct car park but we eventually made it. Such a great set up for dropping off luggage. We then got a great car park and proceeded to make our way on board – first through security, then checking in, photos etc, and finally onto the ship. WOW!!! What a beauty she is. Rather different from the other Royal Caribbean ships we’ve been on but really lovely. This is the inside Promenade.




For some bizarre reason both room we’re seated at different table for dinner so our first stop was to the dining room to get this fixed up. Which we did without too much trauma.

Next we visited guest services to get extra room keys – so we’ve all got a key to both rooms – the girls are in a room just across from ours. We then went to lunch at Windjammers – which is always crazily busy on boarding day. We had a lovely meal and I felt there was a much bigger selection of food than on other ships.


My lunch… plus a bowl of potato and leek soup.


After lunch we went to see our room and there was another WOW!!! It was what I’d hoped for and more. It had a booked a standard balcony room but there are two rooms on the ships that are extra large with a rear facing balcony (which we love) and thanks to the Cruise Critics board I was able to get one of these rooms. What a bargain. The room is huge! And the balcony magnificent with 2 lounges and 2 chairs. The girls interior room is much more spacious than I thought due to all the mirrors and I think even I could sleep in there (I didn’t think I could before seeing it). It was actually cheaper to get a second room than to have them in with us – and to score and extra bathroom it was a no brainer to do this.

Our room…




The girls room…


At 3pm we went up to the kids pool to meet up with a fellow Aussie who had contacted me (via Cruise Critic) so our girls could all meet. We spent the next hour chatting with them (while Christy and her new best friend had a swim).

Then it was time for muster, which is always fun (not). At least we don’t have to don the life vests any more :-).


We then headed to the main pool for the sail away party and Amy, Kevin and I enjoyed a Miami Vice Mocktail (not my normal pina colada but it was still good).


The sail away party, however, was pathetic. Just the crew and some of the Dreamworks characters doing some dancing. I thought it would have been the Caribbean band playing. Oh, well, can’t win them all.



We went back to our room to find our luggage had finally arrived so we got to unpacking, saw our first sunset at sea and then headed to dinner.


Our dinner time is at 5.30pm so a bit on the early side but it should work out well for the kids heading off to kids/teen club.
We were seated with another older couple and a family of three (the daughter had just turned 21). We were able to have a pleasant conversation with the first couple but it was a big table so hard to talk with the other end.
I was feeling a little off at dinner so just ate half of my main – a Mexican tortilla.


The Creme Brûlée I had for the dessert was amazing.  IMG_6306.JPG

After dinner we went to sign Christy into kids club and meet up with Gerard, Jenny & kids – the family we had met earlier and chatted with them for a while before agreeing to the take the youngest two ice skating (the teens had an activity planned). Kevin also had a go and enjoyed himself. Christy loved it and I think being able to finally try ice-skating was what she’d been looking forward to most on the trip.


After skating we had a wander through the shops then said our farewells and went in search for tea. Alas I never got any so we just said goodnight to Christy (Amy was to return before midnight) and headed to our room, and to bed. I was tired tonight and could really have used an early night but it was after 10pm before I went to sleep, lulled by the gentle rocking and vibrations of the ship. Ah… it’s good to be back at sea.

2 Comments to “Day 16 – Setting sail for the Caribbean”

  1. By Vanessa, December 12, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    Wow what a ship. The watermelon carving looked amazing. It was great that you could meet up with another Aussie family.

  2. By Linda J, December 13, 2012 @ 4:56 pm

    tee hee, you’re sounding like a seasoned sailor Libby 🙂

    Looks like a luxurious way to travel!