2 birds in 2 days!

On Sunday night I let Bailey out to see what I thought was a moth (he had been watching through the window) but was instead this cute little baby bird. It seemed unjured but since it was dark I bought it inside overnight, to take to the vets for a checkover in the morning.


Monday morning started with the usual morning walk.


Spotted some Rosellas in the trees today.


Then I had to drive Christy to High School. Yep, she’s spending a week in year 7 at the Montessori school just as a final check to make sure she fits in with the way of teaching, and to make sure she likes it, which she does. But driving to and from twice a day has lost me 6 hours this week!!! Thankfully the girls should be able to catch a bus next year.


After I dropped her off I headed to the vets, who told me the bird (can’t remember what type) was a fledgling and is able to fly. So I bought him back home and sent him off with his Mum & Dad, who came from the trees behind us when they heard him chirping.



Be sure to watch the video if you’d like to see his release back into the wild.

Then, you won’t believe it but that night we found another baby bird in Mum & Dad’s backyard. He seemed healthy as well but he couldn’t fly. So we had another overnight visitor.


Tuesday morning.



Walk, weights workout, Christy to school and another visit to the vets. This time I left the bird behind to be handed over to WIRES, who will look after him until he can fly, and then most likely he will be brought back to the area and released. Oh, and this one is a Wattlebird.


I then headed down to Shellharbour Square to meet up with Mel for morning tea and some shopping. I totally forgot about taking photos so be sure to watch my day in the life vlog if you want to see more of my day.

Hmm… funny that the few photos I took are all of Christmas stuff :-).



Bed, Bath & Table display.



Two questions today.

One, do you ever find baby birds in your yard? We seem to have a few each year (by only in recent years)

Two, have you bought any Christmas decorations yet? I’ve picked up a couple of things but won’t by any more until I get my house decorated and see if I have more room available.




3 thoughts on “2 birds in 2 days!

  1. Thanks for the youtube. Loved seeing the little bird. Just wanted to tell you that I love your make up. i think it looks fantastic especially the eyes. i wish I could half as well.

  2. I haven’t brought any new decorations just yet for Christmas but have purchased a Christmas dinner set and some red mugs and glasses etc to change out our plates etc for the first time this year. Can’t wait to put them out. Seeing your Bed, Bath and Table set up photo I can’t wait to go to our nearest as ours are probably set or being set up now.

    The birds and sunrises are lovely. What a lovely person you are looking after and caring about these birds so much. Others would just ignore them.

    I agree with those tins you saw I would love to buy them just for the tins as well.

  3. I look forward to hearing about the girls’ progress next year in a new school. Did Amy not enjoy her current high school? Big change changing high schools after the first year, we found out the hard way with our eldest.

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